Friday 23 July 2010

Flight of Fancy in the Evening Breeze

Looking Out the Window
Oh, to travel with
the evening breeze!


"Irgendwo im Achten"
Somewhere in the 8th.
Or was it in the 7th District?
Monday Evening
19 July 2010

© 2010 by Merisi


  1. I honestly am not sure if I took this photo still in the 7th or already in the 8th District. I walked that evening from St. Ulrichs Square to Maria Treu Gasse, then down to City Hall and through the Rose Garden in the Volksgarten to reach somehow Franziskanerplatz and, finally, Diglas. Almost vertigo inducing walk, and during these walks there are places were I still feel genuinely lost.

  2. Hi I only recently discovered your blog, your photos are wonderful!

    About this 7th/8th district confusion, I noticed you tagged the beautiful Durchhaus from your post "life in the slow lane" with 8th district.. while it is in the 7th :I know, I live between Lerchenfelderstraße and Neustiftgasse myself :-)

    Liebe Grüße,P.

  3. Thank you, Philippe,
    I shall correct that immediately!

    Would you have any information about the Durchhaus in the "Last Evening Light" post, on July 20? I have to try to get back there asap. Besides the Durchhaus, I want to find out more about the house with the "Blue Windows" (by Hans Prutscher, I think) and several others around there. I wished there were more hours to the day! ;-)

  4. The building is so beautiful. I really like the colors it is painted and the decorative moldings.

  5. What a beautiful building. I wonder what she is thinking about.

  6. L.D. Burgos,
    amazing, isn't it, like lace. I have to go back and try to find out more about that building.

    nice try! ;-)

    who knows, maybe worrying about the cat on the hot tin roof? ;-)

  7. Re Davenz:
    While I did not actually click on your link, I went to Google and they tell me that you have 0 posts on your blog, usually a sign of somebody trying to pass as a genuine blogger, but with the intention of leaving commercial links.

    I prefer to think that your comment was meant as such and that you also happen to sell custom made wood furniture. Alas, please don't expect me to click on your link: I'd rather not risk hitting the computer bug jackpot.

  8. Dear Merisi,
    I do have information on the "passage" from a previous post: it's on Burggasse (7. Bezirk again), located very close to the other one actually, and it's called the Adlerhof.

  9. Merisi ...the architecture is amazing and the face ...left me wondering too.

  10. Oh, I love those windows, the scrollwork. And the woman? An enigma. What a great story she could tell.

  11. I'd give a penny for her thoughts, Merisi

  12. I believe that the woman in the window is a little sad, remembering her youth when she was a trapeze artist in a traveling circus in Hungary.


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