Sunday 11 July 2010

Coffee, Anyone?
Morning Melange at Café Hawelka

Your Morning Melange
with apple strudel
and newspaper

Kaffeehaus Reading
A large selection
of daily and weekly newspapers
in German, French and English

ein Pulverfass mit Rauchverbot"

Editorial in the Austrian daily
"Die Presse", which likens
Europe to a powder keg
in which smoking is banned

Oh well,
as long as
time stays still
at Hawelka ...

in the now smoke-free
Café Hawelka

© 2010 by Merisi


  1. An interesting comparison, to be sure. I'll have the coffee and the apple strudel too.

  2. Apple tart. two words I love. :)

  3. Merisi, I would gladly have pulled up another chair to your cafe table and also ordered a melange and strudel.

    Where have those smokers taken themselves? Do that gather from time to time just outside the cafe door...or perhaps just a bit further along the road?

    Hoping that they will not desert the cafe.


  4. Hurrah for smoke-free! I spent so much of my life being annoyed by having to breathe cigarette smoke in public places and being miserable that I rejoice in the new laws.

  5. Apple streudel and coffee. Hmm, I can smell the aroma floating through my computer. Wonderful, Merisi.

  6. Simona,
    there are enough reasons to be worried, sitting on a powder keg is not one I'd have thought of before. ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    it was a delicious one! :-)

    Sunday morning a week ago I met a friend there. The cafe' was bustling, inside and also on the large terrace outside. Alas, not a single smoker to see, not even at the outside tables! It was really strange.

  7. Vicki Lane,
    I felt such a huge relief when I moved from Rome to the States! Smoke gives me migraines that last far longer than a dinner at a smoke filled restaurant. It seems unbelievable nowadays, but I remember Sunday mornings at the movies in Rome, films for children accompanied by a parent, mainly fathers, and there was smoke everywhere. I am so proud of the Italians, that they respect the non-smoking laws.

    Barbara Martin,
    the air pregnant with baked apples and cinnamon wafting from Hawelka's kitchen, I simply could not resist. ;-)

  8. love shooting other's leftovers..


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