Wednesday 17 February 2010

On A Minor Key

There's a place I know
where the birds swing low,
And wayward vines go roaming,
Where the lilacs nod, and a marble god
Is pale, in scented gloaming.
And at sunset there comes a lady fair
Whose eyes are deep with yearning.
By an old, old gate does the lady wait
Her own true love's returning.

But the days go by, and the lilacs die,
And trembling birds seek cover;
Yet the lady stands, with her long white hands
Held out to greet her lover.
And it's there she'll stay till the shadowy day
A monument they grave her.
She will always wait by the same old gate, —
The gate her true love gave her.

Song in a Minor Key
by Dorothy Parker

Schönbrunn Palace
Palm House

January 2010
© by Merisi


  1. An exquisite phtograph to illustrate a poignant poem - what a clever lady you are. :)

  2. More than happy to help keep your little boat afloat Merisi!

    Let's hope it won't be too long afore the lilacs are a-nodding again.

  3. Palm House reminds me of that beautiful scene in the movie "An Ideal Husband" where Minnie Driver waits to accept a proposal of marriage, behind the palm.

  4. That was perfect. It transported me.

  5. There is little nicer on a snowy day than one of these elegant conservatories -- the damp heat and the smell of green and the sight of flowers . . . ah!

    And Dorothy Parker -- she's been a favorite of mine for well over fifty years. ("... Why is it no one ever gave me yet/ One perfect limousine, do you suppose?/ Ah, no, it's just my luck always to get/ One perfect rose.")

  6. Orchids,warmth and ornate ironwork
    a lovely contrast to a thawing world and the drip of water onto ice

  7. To mine own true love,
    A gate I did give.
    Ah but that I did live
    To see that gate again,
    With her all in dove grey
    Awaitin' thare
    So fair, so fair...

  8. so serene...beautiful, really.

  9. This was simply wonderful, Merisi!
    I loved the Dorothy Parker poem paired with the delightful images of the Palm House, my absolute favorite part of the Schönbrunn palace. The last one of the door handle is my favorite.

    Grazie for this exquisite Viennese moment.

    Ele xx

  10. Beautiful. The Lincoln Park Conservatory helped me get through the long cold winters when I lived in Chicago. It is free, and their palm room is amazing.

  11. All the time I've spent in Wien, and I've been to the gardens at the palace. Unbelievable. I love the photo of the little tree.

  12. What a lovely spot! Nice contrast between the austere beauty of your photos, and Parker's poem (she isn't always so restrained). Wonderful.

  13. your pictures brought the words to life...

  14. Gentle readers,
    thank you for your warm comments!
    I appreciate them immensely,
    I truly do!

    I think to remember that you never went to Schönbrunn's gardens. Am I right that you wanted to sasy "have NOT been"? Hugs!

    A wonderful day to all of you!

  15. What a delicate beauty of a flower you selected as well as the other images always a delight~

  16. love the last sentence of the poem!
    And the two white pillars are gorgeous:)

  17. Cara Merisi......

    "Vintage white"....touching poem and a glimpse in the enchanting
    Palmengarten....just DELIGHTFUL...!!
    Thank You so much for the kind comments you left in Tuscany; I appreciate Your friendly visits very much!

    ("The Gherardesca Land"; my last photo; belonging to Castagneto Carducci; "Home of Giosue Carducci"; 1 hour south of Pisa..; You drove on this autostrade last autumn on Your "viaggio in Italia!!!)

    Have a wonderful and happy weekend!
    Un abbraccio elvira


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