Monday 15 February 2010

A Hallucination

At The Farmers' Market

I wished myself away
to summer in Santa Fe

I felt like a fish on ice,
water glazed and shock frozen
in a blast freezer,
not sure if whole or not.
Not that it matters,
once you are on ice
and exposed naked behind glass!

Steaming Hot Espresso?
I could not imagine
how to peel off my icy trappings
to sit down. And - chissà - if I were even
able to hold a comforting hot cup
with my gelida manina?*

I marched on,
to the clinkclank of the ice
jangling at every step
as it began to fall.
I passed the train station,
dreaming myself all the way to Santa Lucia,
emerging there into warm springlike air,
watching gondolas ride into the sunset
on Canal Grande.

I found myself
stepping into my warm kitchen instead,
wheighing the odds
of adding grated apples to
David's perfectly fine
Sugar Crusted Popover
recipe. **

From my safe warm haven
I saw a bird
take off into the golden glow
of the setting sun.
Will it return
and bring along Spring

* click to hear
Mario del Monaco sing the aria
"La tua gelida manina"
from Puccini's "La Bohème"

** Click for David's recipe

adding one grated apple
and the zest of one lemon
made for very good popovers.
The picture's less so,
I had to turn it sepia
to make it bearable.

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I notice in my posts that I keep reminding myself to hold on until spring. It is my mantra. I come to your blog and I feast upon all the wonferful images seasoned with color and texture and shape. My favorite today is the photo of the building on the street. That building with the circles in the architecture looks like a cloud at dawn.

  2. I too love that building. And I too am getting tired of snow. And fatter by the minute -- one needs comfort food to survive. I made chocolate shortbread last night -- and don't apple popovers sound tempting?

  3. Well Merisi, they are all beautiful, but I must remark on that superb capture of the Rook in flight! I have never seen a picture with the tail fanned out like that! Very nice indeed :-)

  4. Ash Wednesday is upon us, can Spring be far behind? I'm sitting here now with a chill on my shoulders just looking at the fish...a nice cup of hot tea is what I need now!

  5. Mmmm...popovers. I wish for Spring as well. I'm done with winter, just done.

  6. Not entirely ready to give up on Winter here. Love the photo of the rook (is that it?) in snow. Sepia popovers are a perfect warming touch.

  7. Your word picture of being frozen naked behind the glass is amazing. Its just too cold where you are but because it is we are fortunate to see wonderful pictures and delightful descriptions.

  8. We actually have some pale sun here today, so it feels a little less wintery. And the first spring flowers are in bloom, which feels early, but so it is.

  9. Could I please have that lasat plate? Oh how that would warm our hearts on this frigid day!

  10. Another wonderful sequence of photographs, Merisi. I love the first one.

  11. Hello Merisi! When I come to your blog I always see wonderful images!
    The posts about Venice are so beautiful!
    Happy new week!

  12. Save one of those popovers for me! (lovely little serving plate, as well)

  13. Oh, I wish I could send you some sunshine! We've got plenty this week to share. Maybe you will trade me some sunshine for one or two of those fabulous popovers?

  14. Beautiful warm sunny post!
    Love the shot of the building with the brick and ochre.
    The popovers are making me hungry!

  15. i see dreams of summer here... not to worry, its on its way.

  16. Pass the popovers puleeze
    Looks fine to me.
    I could really do with a popover instead of a pupover...


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