Thursday 18 February 2010

Viennese Moments

Wool felt flowers
on wood slat table

with a little tea rose
Graben 19

A Golden Crown
and a 1932 skyscraper

Spring Flowers
and striped awning
Valentino Boutique


18 February 2010
© by Merisi


  1. Mysterious!

    What are the yellow felt flowers for and why is the king sitting on a folding chair on the sidewalk?

    Travel to other places can be puzzling ...

  2. I absolutely ADORE Gold (with a little tea rose)!

  3. @ Vicki Lane,
    see, this is Vienna, full of this sort of encounters:
    The "King" was trying to collect money with his getup, the felt flowers were in front of a boutique that sells clothes made with felt.

    @ The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street,
    I love that corner too, I always look up there when I walk by.

    It was another grey in grey day, and the light was very subdued. The city takes on an air of mysteriousness on days like this.

  4. Merisi, I am glad to have seen this post after you'd left those comments.

    Perhaps now I do not feel quite so badly, that on this day when I could have left my gloves off, and I did see a few sights in my errand-fueled travels that truly did catch my ironic eye, I knew that I'd left my camera at home.

    I have to remind myself to take that little camera along.

    Thank you for these images, and for the continued inspriration. xo

  5. Wonderful photos as always, Merisi! I really love them.

  6. viennese golden moments!
    what gorgeous photos, oh i want to be there. everything looks magical. and you have a wonderful eye.
    ♥ lori

  7. Beautiful shots. I have never visited Vienna but one day.... xv.

  8. They were giving out orange paper Tulips yesterday in the street (message-Go to Holland) and I thought of you with REAL tulips!!
    Love the glass of yellow bits..

  9. The composition of that first pic is wonderful, Merisi. I love the neutral lines and the pop of the yellow felt!

  10. You know that I am in awe of your art, Merisi, but I am amazed at the last picture-you have somehow managed to add extra magic as the figure reflected off the window onto the awning MOVES!!!! Optical illusion or not...this is indeed magic.

  11. Very beautiful views, Merisi! :-)

  12. These are very beautiful photos of wonderful things.

  13. Magic and beautiful photos, Merisi, principally the "Golden Crown."


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