Sunday 14 February 2010

Venice Dreaming - Deep Blue Moon
Viennese Escapes: Carneval in Venice

Deep Blue Moon
Carnival in Venice

February 2007
© by Merisi


  1. Memories of my little Sony Cybershot with that fabulous Zeiss lens.

  2. Elegant! The repetition is wonderful!

  3. Thank you, Vicki!
    I love that this mask has soul,
    unlike most Venetian ones, who tend to neutralize any expression.

  4. Btw,
    this pictures can be enbiggiated by clicking on it! ;-)

  5. Beautiful in blue and silver. Brings to mind (my mind anyway) Sarah Brightman's rendition of "La Luna"...ethereal.

  6. One day.......I'll get to Venice for day. Thanks for bringing it to us through your fabulous photos!! Happy Sunday, Merisi.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day from around the globe~

  8. Marvellous face and sooooo crisp. The image looks like a perfection in blue marble.

  9. Just managed to play cath-up on your blog again. Adored your carnivale di Venezia!

    Wish you could jin me in my rose garden for an orgy of scent...

  10. the mask, the colours, i love it all

  11. Sara,
    thank you!
    I have to look for Brightman's "Luna" -
    have you heard Cecilia Bartoli sing "Vaga Luna" by Bellini? Here is a link to her singing it, on Youtube (I can give you the name of the CD, with other Italian Songs, if you are interested).

    Venice is magical all year round.
    Spring, March through April, heaven!

    Mary Howell Cromer,
    thank you! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  12. Tash,
    thank you!
    This mask and the "Dawn" are my favorites of all the masks I have seen in Venice over several seasons.

    so wonderful to see you about again!
    Yes, visiting your rose garden would be heavenly pleasure. I am so glad you share it with all of us through your magnificent pictures!

    thank you! :-)

  13. Are you in Venice?
    How lovely.
    What a delightful mysterious place it is in the winter.
    Wish I were with you.
    Snow forecast here usual.

  14. Elizabeth,
    it's only in my dream, like you! :-)
    I took this picture three years ago.

    I know, the snow,
    one of my daughters is on her way to Washington from California, I hope she can fly out towards Vienna tonight.

  15. Very nice, Merisi! I really enjoy this image!


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