Friday 26 February 2010

Dreams of Spring

Promise of Spring
Blue skies and a warm late February sun
bath the tile roof of St. Stephen's Cathedal
in brilliant light, carrying promises of spring.
The verdigris of the North Tower's
Renaissance cap glims in the sun,
and the teal dormer window frame of the building
to the right, on Singerstrasse,
slowly emerges from early morning shade.

A few steps down,
at Weihburggasse, a shop window
arranged in shades of teal,
invites to stop for a cup of tea,
reading about Jane Austen's gardens or
leafing through a collection of
Pierre-Joseph Redouté's rose studies.

George Clooney
would have us brew coffee
from ground beans imprisoned
in teal aluminum pods and
drink it from pressed glass cups:
Is this meant to give
the now distilled beans one more look
from the inside out into a world
from which they disappeared
way back when picked?

Wouldn't even Sir Charming
rather sip his morning coffee
holding on to the proper handle
of a porcelain cup with gayly painted rim
in spring colours,
while looking out his window,
surveying spring's triumphant arrival
at Lake Como?

in Vienna
24 February 2010


Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. A wonderful day to all of you!
    May spring - or a gentle autumn sun - arrive soon everywhere,

  2. Merisi this made me feel that Spring truly will arrive! I love the color of teal!! :)

  3. Great pictures as always.

    Soon I am going to visit my country again.

  4. We have a howling wind today, but the sun is out . . . and it feels like wild and wooly spring! Green shoots everywhere.

    The teals and pinks you are bringing us today are a delight to my color-deprived eyes. (Even the farmer says it has been the longest, grayest winter in his memory.)

  5. the colours... i love how you use the colours...

  6. Those amazing roof tiles! What a joy! And all the color! Thank you!

  7. There will soon be swifts circling in the blue sky above the cathedral :-)

  8. Gorgeous atmosphere here as usual.
    He he, I'll give you a sneak gossip: Sir Charming likes his coffee "Americano"

  9. Oh dear! After your George Clooney statement, I will never think the same of the little faces of coffee beans!

  10. Oh I just love that last sweet picture Merisi. Your weather is similar to ours when the sun shines.

  11. George is on the move again, I hear. All thos gaping tourists are driving into a £35 million Chateau. Coffee anyone?

  12. That first photo is STUNNING! I want to see that place :).

  13. thanx for the wonderful photos as we dig out of major snow here in Pennsylvania!! when is spring again?

  14. Wow, that teal! I wonder what that would smell like if it were a fragrance? I want to take that teal and use it as soap, then go run around in an organza dress with a polka dot umbrella:-) Shabbat Shalom!

  15. Teal seems to be this seasons color and one that is reallu my favorite. Beautiful shots of Spring right around the corner.
    Enjoy your weekend Merisi.

  16. Thank you for this glimpse. High cold winds in DC & in bedroom with laptop & cat staying warm with space heater (& espresso made the old-fashioned stove-top way:)

    Will venture out tomorrow morning & among other things, purchase more tulips. Ciao, Merisi.

  17. I don't know if I can bear to think about the S. word today...snowbound as we are here.
    Not good at planning ahead...

  18. No one does coffee like the Viennese. Poor are really letting him have it, Merisi!

    Wishing you a spring-like weekend,

  19. One can always count on Merisi for beautiful images to soothe the soul...and here you go again.

  20. Beautiful--such lovely color to view in a world that has gone grey. Thank you!

  21. How whimsical and pretty your photos are! Spring is on the way, it surely looks it Merisi.
    It is such a pleasure to visit here.
    ♥ lori


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