Saturday 27 February 2010

Spring Is Here!

High Noon in Vienna
Short Lederhosen
are a-blooming!
Edelweiß, Edelweiß,
on spring mornings you greet me?

Spring truly has arrived,
as you can see:
Viennese were taking in the sun
and brunching al fresco

This fellow probably
belonged to a music band
that performs in traditional costume

Even billboards
seem to take on gaudier colours
when the sun's shining


along Wienzeile,
the left bank of the Naschmarkt,
above the river Wien,
which runs underground here
27 February 2010

Images and text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Very beautiful walk along Wienzeile!
    Happy Sunday, Merisi!

  2. Walking down the sidewalk dressed in lederhosen is like attending elementary school with a funny last name. You just have to get through it and hope you don't get beat up too badly.

  3. Now you get spring while we have dropped down to freezing once again and I am dressed in sweaters and pants, fearing that my tomato plants will final succumb to the cold! Such a year!

  4. Beautiful Merisi!
    I hope that England fast catches up with Austria!

  5. A joyful post! The folks at the outdoor cafe remind me of our cows, basking in the sun.

  6. @ Vicki Lane!!!!!!!!!! *rofl*

    (I am sitting here,
    archiving until my eyes cross over -
    thinking about doing the ironing instead, such is the fun!)

  7. @ Hexe,
    I am truly sorry for your tomato plants!
    (One has to be really careful about what one wishes for, isn't it? Near freezing in Florida, almost March!)

  8. Pietro,
    grazie e buona fine settimana anche a te! :-)

    I got the impression that the poor chap wanted to get away from the crowd, and fast! ;-)

    I wished everybody could share in the magic spring weather we are basking in right now! Today, I saw the first snowdrops!

  9. ....Oh, warm sunrais.....spring isn't far away...I feel it too!!!!

    Soooo lovely to see people enjoy the sun outside.....!

    Have a wonderful and sunny sunday, cara Merisi
    ciao ciao elvira

  10. A chuckle escapes me ... he strutts his Stuff stiffleggedly like a Holzmannerl, now in Kufstein he would not b out of place at all!

  11. Oh, send some our way!! Not here yet, and I definitely have spring fever.
    Loving the hot-pink shirt with the braces ;)

  12. Yes it does look like everyone is going to come outside now. I hope I don't have to wear the shorts outfit when it becomes spring here. Spring is a long month away here.

  13. No sign of spring here in my little world.

    Just 23 inches of snow !!! have pics at my blog too

  14. We have tiny signs of spring but nothing as nice as the weather that you are having. How lovely to eat al fresco again!

  15. Thank you all for your kind comments,
    they made me smile and empathize at the same time with those of you still under the snow. May spring arrive soon everywhere!
    A wonderful weekend to all of you,

  16. Very beautiful street scenes. It's a long time until spring in my part of the world.

  17. I can not believe you ... here in Provence, it si freezing and raining.. something is going wrong


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