Thursday 25 February 2010

Sometimes, She Dreams In Italian

Princess Ann
had to move to Rome,
to discover that she could do some of the things
she had always wanted to do.
All day long,
if she wanted to!

In the opinion of Her Highness,
two small dogs were fine,
even for a princess,
and took them out of the palace
on long walks without a chaperon.

Saint Francis
He sanctioned
such independence

Princess Ann,
Merrily on her way.
After all, there was no Irving Radovich
pursuing her anymore to secretly take pictures.

Henry James
was right, the Princess thought -
while putting the key in the keyhole
of the dove-coloured door of her terracotta palace -
"there are days when the beauty
of the climate of Rome alone
suffices for happiness
". *


Photographed by Merisi
on a Roman Holiday
in September 2009
© 2010 by Merisi

*) Henry James, Italian Hours


  1. marvellous. frivolous. dreamy...

  2. You've made my day! To wake up and see two French Bulldogs first thing... it doesn't get any better than this!


  3. These photos are so gorgeous, Merisi! The colors in her outfit against the creamy, soft, old walls and beautiful buildings is magic. And those little dogs...big smile.

  4. I hate graffiti. Loved this post however.

  5. What lovely whimsy and gorgeous colors!

  6. A great image of life. A lovely young woman walking her dogs.

  7. I LOVE your blog. A few months ago, my teenage daughter was playing a cd and Billy Joel's 'Vienna Waits for You' came on. I hadn't thought of that song since I was a teenager myself.

    My family background is Austrian, but I'm Canadian and have never paid much attention to it. I googled Vienna one day out of interest and your blogsite came up.

    Now every morning I wake up, looking forward to going on a short excursion to Vienna. Really do.

    Thanks for capturing it.

  8. The loveliness of these bright, cheerful photos makes me happy! I love the sweet story that goes with them, too!

    I was last in Vienna in July 1971 and I fell in love with it.

  9. The beauty of Rome does suffice for happiness. I have never been to another place where the air itself is an expression of joy. In a parallel life, I would like to have a dove colored door in a honey-colored wall that glows at sunrise.

  10. Roma, Roma. I would leave for this evening's flight if I only could. Working on it, though. And don't forget that gatti are also very Roman. :)

  11. Yay! I love it and you have gotten me so excited to go to Rome. (I leave the end of April!)

    Seriously, what a fabulous post. Lovely color palette and beautiful words and photos! Thank you!

  12. I wish I had a frock like that. I would wear it on my horse.

  13. Shadow,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Susan,
    thanks, Eileen! *smile*

    @ A Brush with Color,
    like a movie set, isn't it? ;-)

    @ willow,
    so do I! ;-)

    @ Alan,
    there's so much beauty out there,
    outshining immature scrawl, isn't there?

  14. Vicki Lane,
    a scene to make you smile, isn't it?
    I fell in love with that woman,
    such style.

    Juju at Tales of,
    yes, fun to watch, I agree. ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    life in Rome, that is. ;-)

  15. @ Lori,
    thank you for your kind words!
    I am glad I can share "my" Vienna with you (not being Viennese, I am treading carefully here, don't want to offend anyone who has always lived here and knows Vienna much better than I ever will).

    For those of you who do not know or want to hear Billy Joel's Vienna Waits For you!, simply click on the song title! Thank you Lori. :-)

  16. @ Pat,
    thank you for your kind words! :-)
    I have heard from various sides that Vienna has changed much since 1971, to the better. Buildings restored, greens and flowers in abundance, the whole city more cheerful nowadays.

    @ The Wanderers' Daughter,
    oh yes, I know, I lived my formative years there, for almost a decade, and have been homesick ever since. ;-)

    @ Marcheline,
    I remember my mother owning a skirt fashioned in the same style.

  17. Giulia,
    oh yes, i gatti di Roma,
    I can imagine that you miss them. ;-)

    @ Cobalt Violet,
    end of April is a fantastic time to visit Rome,
    lucky you! :-)

    @ Estelle des Chevaliers,
    it definitely would suit you. ;-)

  18. Now,
    should we continue on through Rome or would you rather go back to Vienna asap? ;-)
    I am deep in my archive (sorting, deleting, new folders, old folders *falling asleep over them*) and I have more than enough images to share.
    Only if you want, though.
    Allore? ;-)

  19. oh, yes! as someone already noted, dreamy, dreamy, so dreamy! cream and teal, how can you go rome? oops, i mean wrong! la, you've brightened a dreary vancouver day. cheers a million.

  20. These are just wonderful!

  21. I love this modern princess with her dogs

  22. Merisi, my day is begun well with your lovely pastels and written words, I love the dreamy quality of your style, just perfect~

  23. Roman Holiday is still one of my favorite films...

    Ciao amica
    E xx

  24. this princess would like to escape to ROME right now!
    I don't think it snows in Rome...
    Adorable pictures...

  25. Such a charming post dear Merisi.
    It is good to be free and untrammelled, especially in Rome, although, these days there would still be the gaggle of photographers about.


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