Wednesday 10 February 2010

A Cup of Coffee and the New Lord of the Ring at San Marco Square

The Remains of the Day
Deserted espresso cup

How it All Began
A German newspaper
- "Die Zeit" -
with the headline
"The New Lord of the Ring"
Viennese Mélange

Kaffeehaus Readers
all over Vienna are relieved to read
that the new director
of the Vienna State Opera,
will appear at the
Opera Ball on February 11!

Gone are the Good Old Times
when Vienna's High Society
only had to worry about which
outfit Lausi Who* would wear
to the grandest event
of the Ball Season!

it's more the announcement threat
of who will not show up
and take a center stage seat!

The Waiter
Der Herr Ober
enters stage left
of San Marco Square
Café Markusplatz
and with one swift elegant move
serves you the good news of the day!

The Good News
Coffee and Gugelhupf
still fit the bill!

Café Markusplatz
Tuchlauben 16
First District

Images and Text
© by Merisi

* Fictitious name,
any resemblance to real persons
is purely coincidental


  1. I say let the Gugelhupf take center stage and forget about the rest of the unpronounceable names
    I could use a slice of gugel after shoveling snow TWO times so far today.
    I'm due to do a third time at 2 pm..
    bring on the Googel!!

  2. Gugelhupf, I will have to look that one up. You certainly were at a very enjoyable place having wonderful things to eat and drink. It looks like a luxurious and restful place. Thanks for sharing, even though you drink is gone.

  3. American opera has taken a huge hit by the poor economy. My daughter, was to sing the lead last year in Il Barbiere, only to find the whole season of shows had been cancelled, in this particular city.

  4. Is there anything more satisfying than coffee and a newspaper?

  5. Such delightful images and whisperings written and shared, fun, truly~

  6. A lovely progression of words and pictures. Now I have to go make some coffee.

  7. Cara....A piece of this wonderful Gugelhupf and a little coffee with it....just what I would love right now!!!!!!!

    Gorgeous photo...!!!!!!

    Have a peaceful evening!
    ciao ciao elvira

  8. Lovely pics and writing
    Thanks for sharing

  9. love my visits here...loved being in the coffee shop...

    so much fun to see other parts of the world...

    and the mache..maybe that's why it came back up in full force..if it goes under snow.......i was wondering....

    more later,

  10. Its always an adventure coing to your blog and seeing what strikes you each time. Love the dregs of coffee in the first shot.
    Have a great week Merisi.

  11. Your photos draw me in, i really love the coffee and cake, and the readers in the shop. So lovely.
    Thank you for sharing.
    lori ♥

  12. I always love your photographs...such great angles/ideas...and would love to have a cup of that espresso about now!

  13. I think your blog has made me put on weight! Hehe! Too many goodies here!!
    I have no will power to stay away. It's all too yummy.

  14. Merisi - I have just stumbled upon your blog and I am in heaven. I spent a year in Vienna when I was a student ( a long time ago!) and have been in love with the place ever since. I manage to get back every few years and wander the streets, visiting my favourite cafes, pretending I still live there. Now I can get my Wien fix virtually, by reading your blog. Thank you!

  15. Oh Merisi... I ache for the Coffee and Gugelhupf... how I wish I was in that charming place, instead of in a stuffy office! Thank you for sharing :)

  16. ParisBreakfasts:
    My dear Carol,
    if I were in your fair city,
    I would bake a Gugelhupf just for you,
    so you would find something of substance to nosh from when you come back in from snow shoveling!

  17. L. D. Burgus,
    I have taken note of your wish to further investigate Sir Google Hupf! If only I had the time to write a food blog. ;-)

    I am so sorry to hear that once again the arts are taking a hit! I hope funds can be restored as soon as the economy picks up more.

  18. The Wanderers' Daughter,
    only drinking coffee and answering my gentle readers' kind comments beats it! ;-)

    Mary Howell Cromer,
    slowly I am discovering some of the little backstage goings-on (or not so backstage, seeing as nowadays reality TV has turned everything upside down!). ;-)

  19. elvira pajarola ,
    wished we could share or exchange the windows we are looking out of! ;-)

    you are welcome, my pleasure! :-)

    My Farmhouse Kitchen,
    mache lettuce (it's call birds' lettuce here: Vogerlsalat) is a classic with potato salad and Wiener Schnitzel!

  20. photowannabe,
    I share what comes across my path and I must admit that I don't even share half my encounters! I'd need a fairy to give me more time. ;-)

  21. Lori ann,
    you are welcome, thank you! :-)
    I love that place, it has character and some of the best waiters around.

    thank you! :-)

  22. LDahl,
    Imagine poor me, all that research! ;-)

    a very warm welcome!
    It makes me feel really warm and happy that I can share my passion for my new hometown and photography with you!

  23. Catherine,
    thank you,
    I wished I could "beam you up" and over here! ;-)

  24. Dear readers:

    It took me a while to realize that I did not explain the "New Lord of the Ring" reference:

    Vienna's State Opera (there are two more opera houses) is on the "Ring", a grand boulevard - as the name says circular - built around the historic core of the city. The "New Lord" is referring to the new director of the State Opera "on the Ring" - everything clear now? ;-)

  25. My father has just expressed a desire to visit Vienna (with his girlfriend). I think he would love it. All I need to do is show him your photos of coffeehouses and Viennese desserts and he'll probably book a seat on the next flight out of town!

  26. When I was in Vienna as a student, I attended one of the balls. I think it was the Kaffeesiedler Ball. I seem to remember that I went in a borrowed dress, accompanying one of the less than attractive teachers at the school where I was working. Cinderella, without a Prince Charming or a Fairy Godmother. I have a secret desire to go to a Viennese ball one more time. MAybe at my next big birthday!

  27. Eileen,
    I am sure your father would love Vienna!

    I have not been to one (yet!),
    but my girls have. There are a few that are more fun than others, apparently. The Kaffeesiederball seems to be one of them!

  28. Geesh.. all these yummies!

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