Tuesday 9 February 2010

Composer Alban Berg

125 Years Ago Today
the Austrian composer

Alban Maria Johanne Berg
was born in Vienna,

on February 9, 1885,
at this address,
Tuchlauben 8

Tuchlauben 8
This is not Berg's original birthplace,
but the building that was built in 1899
by Arnold Heymann in its place

Click on the Fiaker
for more information
about the life and work
of the composer

Photographs and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Is Alban Berg the one who was shot when he stepped outside to light a cigarette?
    Or is that Anton Weburn
    Just my instant association..ahem

  2. Oh my goodness! That face in the first photo is so similar to a carved wooded head I have -- I'll take a picture and send it to you. Amazing!

    The piece I have was supposedly a carving done by an apprentice as his 'master piece.' But the similarity, my goodness!

  3. Paris Breakfasts,
    Carol, Alban Berg died also tragically young, but of illness.

    small world!
    Did you notice where the head is located?
    Enlarge the second image and look t the top of the wrought iron gate! ;-)

  4. I'm very much into Vienna just now having just started reading Musil's "The Man without Qualities'.
    I will be most attentive and understand more of what I have seen on your blog!

  5. That is such a beautifully design building. It is majestic in it's structure. I really like the horses and carriage!!

  6. The buildings of Europe have always fascinated me, and you always give me so much to dream over. Thank you!

  7. i like your history lessons! :)

  8. I feel like I am along for a beautiful journey, just lovely~

  9. You live in such an artful andgifted city. Truly amazing architecture.
    I promise to begin backing up my photos this weekend. Thanks for the kick in the ....

  10. I have news! I think I'm going to Vienna! In summer. Oh, how excited I am! I was planning to go for a while 8 days but it seems that tour is completely booked out and will now only have a day there. Still I get to see your gorgeous city!

  11. Amazing... and what an incredible creative being.

  12. Ewix:
    It took me years to finish "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" and then I read most of it again, enjoying it thoroughly. One of the reasons I read it again was that in the meantime my brother had studied that book in depth and he opened a whole new world to me when we began discussing. Nowadays I can't but think of the one or other reference to the book when I read the paper or encounter the one or other person whose character reminds me of a certain someone.

    Enjoy the read! :-)

  13. L.D. Burgus,
    I caught the Fiaker almost by accident, at the very last moment before it had moved on too far! It was one of those moments when I am not sure if I was transported years and years back, horses and carriages were after all around the day Alban Berg was born.

  14. Sandi Mc Bride,
    Kay, Mary Howell Cromer - thank you! :-)

    I am relieved to hear that, good luck with your archiving! ;-)

    wonderful news!
    One day is better than nothing,
    but 8 days would have been wonderful!

  15. Gavin Plumley,
    yes, what a tragic loss that his life was cut short by this unfortunate illness!

    I heard from a little birdie overseas that you put a link to this post on Facebook. Thank you! :-)

    I am not on Facebook. I am a Blogosaurus who is grazing no further lest I lose myself. ;-)


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