Thursday 11 February 2010

May I Tempt You?

Chocolate Heart
Lovingly produced and wrapped
in red tinfoil by one of the best
local micro-chocolatiers

Would you like
to be tempted
some more?

Photographed at
Schokolade König
Freisingergasse 1

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Oh I defininetly don't need to be tempted more! they look wonderful! I would buy one each and enjoy them all!

    And dear Merisi, I've not been to Vienna, but it looks to have all the charm and beauty found in Paris. You are so deserving of the amazing achievement of your 200,000th guest! Congratulations!! Now, go buy yourself some of those chocolates to celebrate!

    ♥ lori

  2. Thank you, Lori Ann!
    I shall have more pictures of this beautiful chocolate store later in the day.

  3. The drawers are inviting one in to pick and choose wonderful things to eat. Very fun to have drawers as a display.

  4. I'm asking all the gods on Mount Olympus to waft me there. I have to confess that at first I thought that David [it is David isn't it?] was made of white chocolate and screamed Yes! I am tempted.The packaging of all the boxes are, perfect that one could live in that shop forever, not only for the mouth melting goreousness of the chocs, but because it is all so calm and beautiful. Drooling now, Annie.

  5. Does that mean David conquered Goliath with love? What a wonderfully artistic concept!

  6. Gosh I haven't had a decent proposition in years! Tempted, yes! Oh, you mean the CHOCOLATE!!

  7. micro chocolatiers?
    first thing to came to my mind was micro brewers...don't ask.
    soon, very soon i will be seeing beautifully wrapped chocolate confections and having coffee and pastries in italy. so looking forward to my trip.
    have a wonderful day.


  8. L. D. Burgus,
    this store dates back to the 1840s!
    I will show you more chocolates later. ;-)

    Lara Neusiedler,

  9. I'm in an are E_V_I_L!

  10. Yes, I find that very temptational, as usual ;-)

  11. Oh, you talked me into it! OK bring it on, sister...

    Ciao e grazie
    Ele xx

  12. What?? More chocolate photos later?? *faints and falls over backwards* Not sure I can take more as they make me want to taste all of them

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  13. Today,
    Feb 11 2010, at 10:07:38 pm,
    a visitor from France -
    City: Moulineaux -
    became the 200,000th visitor.
    Merci to all of you! :-)

  14. Merisi,
    my ultimate question is how you can live in Vienna and stay thin?:)
    Congrats with your 200.000th visitor -that is special!

  15. Your blog is incredibly beautiful! Thanks for joining mine as a follower.

    Believe it or not, I have been in Vienna but only as a little one. We were stationed in Salzburg when I was 3 - 6 ( my brother, now 62 ) was born in Salzburg ). While I have frequently been all around Europe and other parts of the world, I have not returned to Germany or Austria.

    Does this store sell marzipan - my favorite of all sweets?

  16. Totally tempted. Actually they look too beautiful to eat.

  17. All I'm saying is, a guy with his wee-wah broken off BETTER be bringin' some chocolates!


  18. @ Jeannette:

    "How to live in Vienna and stay thin?" *giggles*

    Wished I knew. I have nightmares about waking up one morning and find myself inexplicably transformed from a human into a Mozartkugel! ;-)

    "When Merisi woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, she found himself changed in her bed into a monstrous Mozartkugel."

    I shall have cabbage soup for lunch today!

  19. P.S.:
    With apologies to Kafka! ;-)

  20. Hmm, I would tried to hang that red heart off another part of that statue.


  21. Cathy,
    well, a girl may dream! ;-) *giggles*

  22. Merisi,
    You have a vivid imagination! I was trying to picture a Mozartkugel - in my mind it looks like a Pierrot in the form of an apple, but is putting a chocolate in it's mouth with a big grin and winking;)

  23. So tempting!-- Love your HEARTS and the FUN you have.


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