Wednesday 20 January 2010

Viennese Aberrations

Looking Up
while walking in
Dr. Freud's neighbourhood

"Being entirely honest
with oneself is
a good exercise."

I agree:
Coffee Melange,
Café Pâtisserie Bürger

"What Does A Woman Want?"
Palmer's Attempt To Answer
Sigmund Freud's Question

''Berggasse 19, Vienna IX''
Sigmund Freud Museum

Austrian National Bank
Otto-Wagner-Platz 3

Ghost Hunters
after a coffee break
Café Leopold

All images photographed
19 January 2010
while walking from
Rossauer Lände to MuseumsQuartier
Quotes: Dr. Sigmund Freud
Flowers: Blumen wecken Sinne, Servitengasse

© by Merisi 2010


  1. Possibly aberrant, but charming also, don't you agree?

  2. Well, this is Vienna, where deviations from the normal or usual can indeed have a charming outcome.

  3. Love these ghostly images. I actually have a photo I took shortly before the death of my grandfather, in which an image of his grandfather can be seen in the reflection of the window in the background. I should post about it!

  4. Willow,
    somehow in Vienna, aside from these ghostly images,
    the present and the past always seem to intermingle,
    even if only as a state of mind.
    I want to hear the story of your grandfather's reflection!

  5. Love the ladies in the windows! Another side of Vienna I hadn't expected!

  6. Catharina,

    Vicki Lane,
    it is all very innocent:
    Palmers is an undergarment shop (trying to be Austria's "Victoria's Secret") and the first window somebody with a wicked sense of humor. ;-)
    There are so many layers of mischief ....

  7. Merisi, these I love, look for more!!
    I want to hear about Willows' photo too! January is a great time for spooky stories and images.

  8. Hello Merisi, I'm tardy about commenting on the posts since the Red Tulips, even though I have had the pleasure of seeing the photos and reading your well-chosen words.

    From my one and only visit to Vienna, in early springtime, I have an overall memory of various beautiful shades of grey. That memory has definitely been delightfully upset, again and again by your photos and your artist's focus.

    What would Dr. Freud think if he knew that I still regret not visiting that museum? Perhaps I can make it up to him if he were to know how much I love dreaming and how much I liked reading his dream book.

    Even better, if he were able to see your posts and know how many people get to see a Vienna that would otherwise be unknown.


  9. It would be difficult to look at the first photograph and not smile :o)

  10. Charming aberrations, surely :-)

  11. Wow a winter wonderland.
    Lovely shots.

  12. Oh my, is it possible?
    Cute Merisi


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