Thursday 21 January 2010

Snowflakes Swirling Out Of The Sky Like Feathers

"If he hadn't been so tired,
if he'd paid a bit more attention
to the snowflakes swirling out of the sky
like feathers,

he might have realized
that he was traveling
straight into a blizzard;

he might have seen at the start
that he was setting out on a journey

that would change his life forever
and chosen to turn back."

Orhan Pamuk, "Snow"
Chapter One
"The Silence of Snow
The Journey to Kars


21 January 2010
in the 13th District
© by Merisi 2010


The great American writer
John Updike wrote a beautiful review
about Pamuk's "Snow" - here is the link:
A modernist novel of contemporary Turkey
Review by John Updike in The New Yorker



  1. Oh, how pretty, but it sure looks cold! Love the photo with the shutters peeking through the tree limbs. Wonderful--and the last pops of color in the backyard setting...

  2. Beautiful as ever. Wonder as to the end of the story!

  3. Our snow is gone, all except a little hunk that used to be a mound from when the drive was plowed. GORgeous pics and Pamuk.

  4. Isn't it just delicious out there today!

  5. I always think snow is so beautiful, if I am safe at home, in my kitchen. It can turn so ugly if you need to be out in it. We've had many of those dangerous snow storms this winter season. Today we're having freezing rain.

  6. A winter wonderland- snow changes everything.

    If we only knew ahead as to when we should turn back.

  7. I like best your pictures of snow that show no human habitation: pure, beautiful, but also with an edge of mystery and even danger. Although surely the squirrels and rabbits don't see it this way--they're snug in their burrows as we are in our kitchens!

  8. You always have a way of mixing literature and photos in the the very best way!

  9. lovely passage from Orhan Pamuk...and lovely snow scenes from your city.
    we are on a winter advisory today in virginia.
    have a lovely evening.

  10. sue,
    the picture with the wooden "shutters" shows a teak Lutyens Bench: I shot it looking down into the neighbour's garden! ;-)

    I loved Pamuk's novel (and I read it and met the author before he won the Nobel prize) - I highly recommend it.

    Pamuk's would be just the book for you!

    oh yes, I felt giddy like a little child when I looked out the window this morning.

    Eileen @ Passions,
    I enjoy snow much more here than I ever did while I lived in Washington DC area. There was always the worry of streets not plowed, groceries procured before the storm hit because one never knew if one could get out afterwards, being without electricity for days if unlucky, and so on. Here, the snow plows and manpower to clear the sidewalks are literally standing by as the first snowflake dances out of the sky. I have the right winter gear, boots, warm duffle coat, thanks to public transportation I can go to any part of the city I wish to, can walk for hours, never to worry about getting home again.
    This all makes for a much more positive attitude towards snow in the city! I enjoy it, as simple as that.

  11. Dear Blackbird,
    in Vienna you'll kind people who feed you in the midst of winter! :-)

    Margaret Benbow,
    as easy as it is to get from my home into the woods, basically a few city blocks and then up the hill, I also enjoy the fact that our block is arranged in such a way that it leaves this large, park-like setting in the middle of the block, with the apartment houses lined up at the edge.

    She Writes,
    thank you! :-)

    thank you, same to you, stay safe!

  12. You never let us down...terrific pictures that meld so beautifully with the words...How do you it I ask myself?

  13. I agree; pictures meld perfectly with the words. Reminds me to pick up the Pamuk. And how beautiful--and cold!--can be the Vienna woods.Thank you.

  14. Beautiful winter wonderful! Stunning shots!

  15. Fantastic post, beautiful snowy images and intriguing words!

  16. Beautiful your blog. Great shots.
    Luiz Ramos

  17. Merisi: What a neat set of photos in the snow.

  18. Wonderful winterphoto´s but for myself Í have now enough of the snow ...we have a lot of snow here too.Have a nice weekend!

  19. Lovely series of snow scenes. Very pretty!

  20. Hello Merisi. Such a lovely winter skies.
    Happy weekend.

  21. What beautiful, snowy skies, Merisi! And such perfect words to go with them! I hope you have a lovely weekend! Stay warm in spite of those snowy feathers!


  22. Thnank you,
    thank you all for your kind comments!
    See you at your place,

  23. Thnank you,
    thank you all for your kind comments!
    See you at your place,

  24. Oh,snow! Bring it on. Beautiful shots.

  25. Very beautiful pictures !!! Ilike very much "The snow" of Orham Pamuk, I come back visit your blog!


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