Tuesday 19 January 2010

Please Paint The Town!

Paint the town
anything but grey!

Better already!
Orange hands moving
towards neon green?

Donald & Donald
Yellow beaks,
blue eyes ...

Blue Horse
in the flower shop!

Can't believe
it's butter pink!

Top picture:
Votive Church
All the other images
found a few blocks down
at Porzellangasse in the windows of
The flower shop that chases
away grey winter doldrums!

The shop's name is meant to be tongue in cheek:
Zweigstelle means "branch",
like in "branch of a bank",
while a Zweig alone is a "twig".

Photographed this afternoon
in the 9th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi 2010


  1. Lovely! Love the colors. I don't remember the 9th District ... I'll have to look back through pictures to see if I ever visited. I lived in the 19th District ... Grinzing ... though, I don't believe it's called that anymore?!

  2. Pink elephants -ok - but pink bulldogs? Help!

  3. Kelly,
    Grinzing is still Grinzing and I am sure it will always be Grinzing! ;-)
    Do you remember the Volksoper at Währinger Gürtel is? Drive towards the First District on Währinger Strasse and all that is to your left is the 9th (Alsergrund). The Strudlhof Steps are there, the Liechtenstein Museum and Park, Servitenkirche (put Alsergrund or any of the names above in the search window of my blog, you should find images to jog your memory).

    Quite fantastic, aren't they?
    Candles, I think. Not for the dog lover. ;-)

  4. Every day I check out your photographs, and every day I'm amazed anew.

  5. Love the spires and the beautiful blue horse!

  6. I love this sequence Merisi. There's an anticipation, just now, that the return of colour is just around the corner.

  7. Hello Merisi,
    Found you through Tongue in Cheek. Enjoyed your blog. Will keep reading.

  8. ...DELIGHTFUL colour-cominations...and subject matter...; pink and blue...no grey....so lovely and joyful...so pleasant!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful wednesday!!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  9. I sympathize with the longing for color -- but those are some lovely shades of grey in your first photo.

  10. Beautiful and fantastic post !! Amazing shots !! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you Merisi for brightening up the day...fantastic to see so much colour.

    It snowed here again today,and now wet and very miserable :-(

  12. This is a great collection of colourful finds! Very cool post!

  13. we humans are such funny creatures...always wanting the opposite of what we have. Some are craving snow... others cant wait for heat again. We're never happy...
    I remeber a sign around the clock in my old classroom that said "time will pass...will you?"
    Winter too will pass... ;-)

  14. You certainly found some colour amongst the white out and grey Merisi. Interesting to see your profile photo, as is always the case you look different to what I imagined.

  15. Delightful Merisi. the picture of the orange hands reaching towards the neon green is spectacular. A real prize winner.

  16. Thank you, Merisi! I'm going to do that! :-)


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