Thursday 21 January 2010

A Slash Of Colour In A Sea Of Grey

Mosaic in Shades of Blue
Glass tiles red bike

5 Cents a Button
Dressmaker Supplies

Bol de Café au Lait
Jörg Wagner Werkhaus

Tulips in Orange and Fuchsia
E. Bosco Flowers

"blumen wecken sinne"
"flowers raise passion"
E. Bosco Flowers

All images photographed
19 January 2010
while walking from
Rossauer Lände to Servitengasse
© by Merisi 2010


  1. Those tulips have raised my passion -- so beautiful!

  2. Yet again another beautiful and colourful post.. I love Bol de Café au Lait...:-)

  3. Beaytiful photos Merisi

  4. Now you have turned into a bicycle! That's what happens when you blog twice a day!

  5. Vicki Lane,
    it's the place with the most beautiful tulips here in Vienna! :-)

    I must get one the next time I walk by there! ;-)

    thank you! :-)

    yes, and red all over! :-)

  6. oh how i adore tulips, yeah its tulip time..thanks off to buy some, we only have them for a small few week period..

    and please tell me that the bowls arent 14euros....gosh!!

  7. Saz,
    yes, 14 Euros.
    Probably why I have not bought one so far.
    I am also more a cup and saucer type. ;-)
    I know a French cafe' here in Vienna that serves the coffee in bowls, but those are from IKEA.

  8. Beautiful shots and colours.
    Love bike shot.
    Luiz Ramos

  9. The tulips are gorgeous and so are the Cafe au Lait cups.

  10. I love how you see compositions in the ordinary things around you. Vivid colors. Each picture has so much to study and look at.

  11. Beautiful! Those tulips ... I'm looking forward to seeing more of those in the coming months!

  12. so enjoyed the snaps ... the red bike against the blue tiles, the cafe' au lait bowls...of course the tulips :)
    all so very lovely.

  13. ohohohoohhoh..

    i collect these,
    when i can find them,
    ----> Bol de Café au Lait


    {{but Naturally, i do!
    and these ones are stellar.}}

  14. These photos fortell the loveliness of the coming spring.

    I love Bol de Café au Lait, too! How about one cup of Café au Lait? :-D

  15. Hello Merisi,

    Looks as if the intrepid one who wanted to venture deeper into the snow of that prior post just might have had determination rewarded. (No matter what the author thought of that other snow.)

    I can just see a glimpse of snow round that bicycle's parking spot.

    Every one of these pictures is a gem.

    (Hoping that the treasure that is Demel's does not know you have been in other areas for a while!) Or maybe not, maybe just not showing us the evidence. xo

  16. Merisi: Beautiful colors in your photos.

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog, and your comment led me here. You have a great blog with fantastic pictures. The first picture with the bicycle is perfect, fascinating colors and superb composition. I'll be visiting your blog frequently; I've never been to Vienna but your pictures will take me there.

  18. Hello Merisi! These are thrilling images! I also find interesting to photograph the shop windows (however, I must say everything is interesting when one has a camera)!
    Happy weekend!

  19. Wow, I love that passion.

  20. Love, love, love the color! We need it this time of year. Thanks!

  21. Oh I love those blue tiles.
    You could almost be at the seaside.
    What kind of building are they on?
    What does the rest of the building look like?

  22. Thank you all for your visit and your kind comments,
    I appreciate each and every one immensely! :-)

    Demel will always be #1 in my heart,
    I just try to walk through different districts every now and then (which is easy, I take a couple metro or streetcar stops more and then walk back to where I needed to go).

    the whole building is painted that eclectic shade of light blue, apartments in the upper floors, the lower floor is occopied by a glass shop (itself worth exploring: I could spend my life out there digging deeper *smile* - wish I could!).

  23. No Friday post indeed. Harrumph!

  24. @ Badger,
    it's a pity, though! ;-)

  25. YOUR pictures raise passion!

  26. Ohhh and Ahhh, the bol du cafe au lait with its rosy an American I always thought European fingers must get pretty hot on those handle-less cups, but this design is so beautiful I wouldn't care. I want it!


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