Tuesday 10 November 2009

Light And Shade

reflecting on Impressionism

with blue sky

Time Frame
and yellow signs

Autumn Boy
heading for his brush

in the morning sun


Photographed Monday Morning
along Währinger Strasse and
WUK Werkstätten und Kulturhaus
9th District


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I am loving your new Lumix..or are you back to the Nikon..?
    There's something so atmospheric about these photos!!

  2. My daily visit to this blog is always very rewarding:)

  3. I came here after reading your comment on Willow's blog and am so glad I did. I have always wanted to see Vienne and in fact have a nice through marriage who is going to live there the rest of her days after she gets married. Who romantic.

    You know, it would help if you had the followers gadget turned on, btw. much easier to check on someone then.

  4. I adore windows and doors l wonder what it is about them, something psycological no doubt! Deep and meaningful...

    I rather liked Davids Doors posts!!

  5. @ Paris Breakfasts,
    merci beaucoup, Carol! :-)
    Most of my pictures are taken with my Nikon. I am slowly getting to know her. Every now and then I manage to let her take an image just the way I want it, as if she were my paintbrush, and I the master. Sometimes, when she's generous.

    @ Isabel,
    muito obrigado! ;-)

    @ ... mmm ...,
    welcome and thank you!

    I am too scared to lose my blog or cause some serious mishap if I switch to whatever newer format would be required in order to turn the follower gadget on.

    I managed, though, to put a "Subscribe to" link on top of the sidebar. Is this of any use? I do hope and sincerely apologize for not being up to the newest standard.

    I confess that I do like to keep my blog as uncluttered as possible. Not least because I am afraid I would not manage to find the time for regularly updating all the bells and whistles.

    Thank you to all of you who do come back here,
    I sincerely appreciate your visits and comments.

    I am always grateful if somebody suggests an improvement, and I am sorry when I disappoint with my follow-up.

    A wonderful evening to all of you,

  6. @ Fat, Frumpy, Fifty,
    I agree, windows and door are magical!
    I miss David's blog,
    he created a real community and made it possible for me to get to know you and so many other wonderful bloggers I would have never encountered where it not for him.

  7. Those first two shots are especially wonderful -- like reverses of one another.

  8. You can't give up this blog. I won't allow it. I know I don't make it over every day, but I adore all your delightful prose and stunning photos. And most of all your friendship. I'm always mentioning to WT something about you, like we were the oldest of friends. ~x

  9. Oh lovely, lovely doors and windows. I seem to swoon when someone elevates the ordinary. Thank you for such an artistic, and glorious appreciation of form and color.

  10. I find nothing quite so beautiful as an old, even ancient, city...it has earned it's place in history and shows the care of her citizenry. Lovely photos!

  11. ...I just wandered over here from willow manor because I could relate so well to your comment....and I am so pleased that I visited here... I've enjoyed your photography so....That first window...beautiful!

  12. I do love all your pictures and the reflections are beautiful. I think I am your biggest fan and would be lost if you didn't blog.

  13. I have always liked windows adorned with creeping vines (even though they ruin brick). It provides a nice old world quality to the buildings.

  14. I love all your doors and windows shots, from here and earlier. There's something about a door...what's behind it, where does it lead? And you always seem to capture those with that little extra intrigue..

  15. Wonderful. I particularly love the first one.

  16. you manage to create the unusual with the everyday...

  17. All beautiful but the first one reflecting an impression is a fantastic photo.

  18. These are all the lovely details I would love to linger over were I walking through that neighborhood. I love all of them!

  19. Great photos, Merisi!

    PS: If you have the time, please, come to see my post with Avocado tree.

  20. there is definitely a painting quality to your pictures.

    could it be that we are having such different autumns, only two hours apart? the big gray is upon us over here :)

  21. Thank you all so much for your comments!
    It is 10pm here in Vienna, and I just returned from a full day in Salzburg, celebrating a joyful event in our family. Up at 5am and three hours driving there and back again and now I am too tired for anything. I will return to these comments here tomorrow morning, and answer every single one.
    I wish you a splendid evening or morning, depending on wherever you are!

  22. Hi Merisi!
    What beautiful autumn photos you've posted today! If you ever leave your blog, there will be such a void in my life. I come to your site everyday during a break at work. Your magical photography takes me away to a world that I've visited and would love to some day join. You are a true artist with an amazing eye for your subject matter.
    Hugs from Texas,

  23. @ willow,
    thank you for your encouraging words -
    I shall do my best! :-)

    @ lakeviewer,
    thank you for your very kind comment,
    I appreciate it immensely.

    @ Sandi McBride,
    old cities are filled with magic,
    aren't they?
    Are you ever going down to Charleston?
    Such a magnicent city,
    I'd love to see some pictures! ;-)

    @ Oliag,
    welcome and thank you very much! :-)

  24. @ photowannabe,
    you touch my heart,
    thank you so very much for your support! :-)

    @ Barbara Martin,
    I have read somewhere that vines cannot damage bricks, unless there are cracks. I wouldn't know how to keep them from cracking, though. ;-)
    Let's hope that these beauties are of no harm to the charming old building here!

    @ Wurst Semmel,
    I have had this persistent dream of walking through the city and trying to capture all its doors. ;-)

  25. @ Vicki Lane,
    had I had the time, I could have captured dozens of window pictures from different angles. All these windows are in a large courtyard, just steps away from busy Währinger Strasse, yet they seem lightyears removed from busy city life, a tranquil haven for the tired city dweller.

  26. @ spacedlaw,
    mille grazie! :-)

    @ Shadow,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Barbara,
    I think that the window glass is probably from the Victorian era, otherwise I could not explain the effect.

  27. @ Cheryl,
    thank you! :-)
    I do get into trouble every now an then, arriving late for an appointment or such, all because there are always so many interesting sights along my path.

    @ sonia a. mascaro,
    thank you! :-)

    Dear readers:
    Sonia lives in beautiful Brazil and documents the beauty of her country on her "Leaves of Grass" blog,
    here is the link!

  28. @ Jelica,
    we have had many grey days in a row, alas,
    that particular morning we were blessed with a few hours of brilliant sunshine.
    Today (Thursday) we enjoy blue skies,
    I hope you do too! :-)

  29. Truly stunning, Merisi! My favorites are the first two windows.


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