Wednesday 11 November 2009

Viennese Escapes: Salzburg's Demel

Chocolate Nougat Torte
Sin, Thy Name is Annatorte!

Everybody dance indulge!

Oh, Brother!
He loves Dobostorte, but
flirted with Esterhazy Torte too!

Coffee Melange
Three takes, and still,
that spoonful of milkfoam
kept eluding me -
finally, I asked for a pause.

At least two aficionados in our
group of fifteen

More photographers
than at your average
Kaffeekränzchen, I bet!

Lady Anna, Again
Like any temptation with a sense of style,
she insisted on arriving with a veil

Raspberry Variations
with a touch of pistacchio:
A glimpse of the sorbet coloured salon
We celebrated in the velvety chocolate one,
it seemed to speak our mind more

Raspberry and Lavender
Salzburg's Demelinerinnen
work in sorbet colours,
not the traditional black with white accents
of the original Demel in Vienna


Photographed by Merisi
at Salzburg's Demel
11 November 2009

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Clicking on the images
    will lead you to more Demel excursions.
    Indulge! :-)

  2. oh you are a temptress of the tastebuds today, aren't you!

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  4. Merisi, Salzburg!!!, and all those Tortes to top it off!
    Did you have Salzburger Nockerln im Petershot as well???

  5. @ Shadow,
    yes! *giggles*

    @ Arija,
    no Salzburger Nockerl this time.
    We were having lunch at Waagplatz and from our perch on the first floor of the restaurant did we look right into Demel's windows. Who could have resisted? ;-)

  6. How delicious it all looks! We were in Salzburg long years ago -- traveling poor on a motorcycle. Alas, no elegant cafes for us. But we did visit nearby Hallein (I think that was the name) and the salt mine and slid down a most amazing slide.

  7. Wonderful! I think I gained 10 lbs just reading this post!

  8. I think I sinned just looking at that top piece of chocolate cake.

  9. A BIG, BIG helping of Austrian torture today!
    Merci beaucoup
    Are those your cuties?
    Adorable..the acorn does not fall far from the tree huh?

  10. This is so charming Merisi! I want to see you sometime. My friend Susan and I were at a table for two on Saturday, and when the pumpkin soup came we both brought out the big guns and started shooting. The other people in the restaurant were quite startled.

  11. I'm wiping the drool off my chin. I have to get to Austria.

  12. This is a very "tempting" post!!!

  13. @ Vicki Lane,
    I have never slid down that salt mine slide!
    I spent my childhood summers with my grandparents in Salzburg and I hated having to go Café Tomaselli (there was no Demel in Salzburg back then). I'd rather beg my grandmother to buy a breadstick with caraway seeds with fresh Leberkäse (something like hot baked bologna, only better) and carry the sandwich wrapped in butcher paper over to the pub across the street, where I enjoyed it along with my favorite soft drink, a Bluna or Libella. ;-)

    @ sue,
    So sorry! :-)

    @ Charles Gramlich,
    yes, you did! ;-)

  14. @ ParisBreakfasts,
    there we go: For once, you show up without your shiny suit of macaroons and I pull all the stops at Demel's cake vetrine! ;-)

    Those were loaner kids, btw, the sweetest imaginable. ;-)

  15. Carolyn Parker,
    you had me in stitches here! It took me a while to translate the "big guns" - I was a little slow, admittedly. ;-) Luckily, there are so many tourists around here who shoot their food, I don't startle anybody (still, I try to be very circumspect, at least, I hope I am).
    Good to have a friend who understands the need to document everything! I have trained my kids so well not to touch any food before I get a satisfying picture that they now routinely push their plate into the right light and remind other guests to do likewise. ;-)

    @ Lady MacB,
    like the great actress you are! :-)

  16. @ Gypsy Purple,
    admittedly, I am a little tempted myself.
    Thank goodness, nothing in the house that I could lust after! ;-)

  17. Oh, diet is done for!!!! Sinful!!! Yes!!!! I am drooling over that torte!!!! Now, I think you must not only photograph for National Geographic but also for Martha Stewart's next entertaining book...or the next Good Housekeeping Cookbook! These photos are simply scrumptious! Love to you, dear Merisi! Janine XO

  18. Well Merisi, I cannot choose between these treats on display. I wonder if anyone has ever just sat down at one of those tables early one morning, and just stayed hour after hour, sampling each and every pastry. Perhaps offering to share some with other patrons, but still making sure to find out just which one is the best!

    And with this introduction to the Salzburg Demel's, you have made we wonder if there are any other amazing cafes in this family.

    It is ... almost ... overwhelming to contemplate.


  19. I swear I put on 20 pounds just in looking at your blog, Merisi!

  20. @ Frances,
    (I almost typed "@ Demel *grin*)
    what a wonderful idea!
    I would love to do that,
    less though for the cakes - or the thought of having to eat cake all day! - but for the chance to watch the scene unfold over the course of the day, capturing the one or other tiny fragment of a long journey through a day at Demel's into the night.
    Anyone out there who'd like to fill up my bank account? ;-)

    To think that in the good old days (at least for Kaffeehaus visits that lasted all day!) there were actually people who let it be known that they can be reached at a certain coffeehouse in the course of a day, even receiving letters there! Was I born in the wrong century? ;-)

  21. @ louciao,
    at least it's possible to lose those pounds the same way you acquired them: virtually! :-)
    (As my kids say, "Mamma, you are so not funny!")

    P.S. @ Frances:
    There is no more "Demel" family.
    The Demels never had more but that one Kohlmarkt pastry shop in Vienna.

  22. Hello merisi,
    It has been a little while since I've stopped by your Vienna.I missed it . I can see they are always candies for my eyes and my belly ...

  23. How I would loved to have had those delights! That is what I miss about my tante's baking!!! So sad. I only had a half a brownie batch which in no way is as tantalizing as those torte!

  24. Hello Merisi,
    We were thinking of visiting Salzburg for Christmas, but we were quite intimidated by relatives "concerned" about the flu epidemic. My eldest is in love with Mozart!
    Wishing you a pleasurable weekend.

  25. These are a few of my favorite things!

  26. I adore this post!!!!(I know, it's not a very deep analysis of your beautiful work!)but that's what I feel!

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