Tuesday 20 October 2009

Vienna Today

First, the Good News:
Pink Rose.
Found today
in the Rose Garden!

"How's the weather forecast?"
"Nothing to write a blog about!"

"Grey, grey, grey,
Enough to drive you
round the bend!"


Images and Text
© by Merisi
20 October 2009

"Vienna Bronzes"
"Since 1850 they are produced in a traditional handmade way.
Artists working at the turn of the century created the figurines.
They are mostly produced by lost-wax process,
chased and handpainted." *

I found the little dog bronze figures,
made from original molds, at
"Studio Wienblick"
Augustinerstrasse 12

* Quoted from
Studio Wienblick's website.


  1. We still have a few pink roses in the garden, too -- but our weather is also gray, wet and chilly.

    Your conversing dogs made me smile!

  2. Those little doggies are so cuuuuuuute!

  3. Those doggies are precious! :)

  4. They look good enough to eat. Oh no! I'm looking at bronze, not chocolate. See? You spoiled us with great food.

  5. Of course I loved the dogs.
    It was warm and delicious here today.
    We walked along the Hudson in the sun.........

  6. You are the Queen of Roses! What a beauty!

  7. I love these dog figures. And I love this beautiful pink rose.


  8. Thank you for that doggy whimsy!

    The roses are beautiful. I am glad to report that there are still a few roses in bloom in front of the brownstone house down the street.

    No need to pull on the gloves quite yet.


  9. What a nice surprise that pink rose was....cute post!!

  10. That top bloom makes me think of Invasion of the body snatchers, which I just rewatched tonight.

  11. Great shots. I laughed my head off with the two doggies.

    Men on high heels? I don't even like them on women! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  12. aaaw, look at that sad little dackel!

  13. @ Bee,
    there should be more roses blooming again,
    after the shock of the snow and the dank greyness of the last few days. Hopefully, I say. ;-)

    @ Wandring Star,
    I agree! :-)

    @ Carol @ TheWritersPorch,
    yes, and that little one next to the teapot looks just like my Maxie when he's being told that he has to stay home.

    @ lakeviewer,
    oopsie, that would have been bad for your teeth indeed! :-)

    @ ewix,
    I miss the sunny East Coast (or Rome for that matter)! :-(

    @ Vicki Lane,
    thanks to the city's Rose Garden,
    otherwise I would be without them!

    @ Paz,
    I do too! :-)

    @ Frances,
    you are welcome! :-)
    Thank you for that doggy whimsy!
    I sure hope the weather's going to take a turn for the better here. Otherwise .... ;-)

    @ The Retired One,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Charles Gramlich,
    oooooooo! ;-)
    Better stay away from the roses at night then? ;-)

    @ A Cuban In London,
    I have a chuckle every time I walk by and stop at that store window!

    @ Shadow,
    Dackel have that certain look that makes out hearts melt, don't they? Ours does it all the time.
    aaaw, look at that sad little dackel!

  14. I adore those two dogs. Just precious.

  15. That poor rose looks as though it is on its last leg (last petal?). After two days of cooler temperatures we are back to 90 this weekend. YUCK!

  16. And yet you did write a blog, and a lovely one at that! Love that pink teapot and the gorgeous rose.

  17. The dog conversation is just too funny!And the rose simply gorgeous!


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