Wednesday 21 October 2009


at my window sill

English Yew
with its red ripe seeds,
backlit by the afternoon sun
outside my window.


The sun has finally
beaten back the high fog
that blanketed the city
for days on end!


Black-Eyed Susan
in my neighbour's garden
seen from my window
in September

Memories of August
My neighbour's peaches
beckoning from below


Images and Text
21 October 2009
© by Merisi


  1. Merisi,
    I've discovered your blog recently while searching for images of Vienna, which I intend to visit in April. I've loved the blog instantly. Your pictures are great.

    I'm so glad you understand a bit of portuguese:)Thank you for you visit to my blog.

  2. Merisi,
    Your pictures always make me feel good !
    I thought of you last night when I was frying Okra! I don't think I will ever eat fried Okra again without thinking of you ! :)

  3. Beautiful, evocative autumnal pictures.

    I wonder how long those yew berries will last before the Misteldrossel locates them!

  4. I like the phrasing of the peaches beckoning.

  5. that english yew looks so very christmassy...

  6. lovely captures...the sunflower such a cheery view to look out to.

  7. I could use that view cold and dreary here...

  8. Bright yellows, perfect colours for autumnal gloom.

    Lit the first fire of the year today, slate grey sky - but still some blooms linger on.

  9. Light seems to drip from the sunflower's petals -- beautiful!

  10. @ Isabel,
    welcome, Isabel, thank you! :-)

    @ Carol @ TheWritersPorch,
    o, any leftovers? ;-)

  11. @ Juju at Tales of,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Wandring Star,
    would you believe me if I tell you that a large grey and black bird sat down on those branches this afternoon?
    I took a pictures from my desk, but when I tried to get closer, the bird took off! I have to check if this could have been a Misteldrossel (never heard of before).

  12. @ Charles Gramlich,
    those peaches were beckoning indeed,
    and how! Many an evening did I look longingly down at them. ;-)

    @ Shadow ,
    I agree, I have the same thought every time I look out at the berries!

    @ The Good Life in Virginia,
    yes, they are such a sunny sight, even when the sun's not shining.

  13. @ K.,
    we had a dreary week too, snow included,
    but today the high fog lifted, thank heaven!
    I am a creature of the South, where I spent most of my life. Grey in October is almost more than I can bear.

    @ Moannie,
    may the sun brighten your day again soon!

    @ Vicki Lane,
    I agree,
    they are cheerful ambassadors of the sun!

  14. Sunflowers are so aptly named - I loved your one, as it managed to look delicate, rather than too showy.

  15. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sunflower...I must find one to put on my kitchen window sill!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for delighting my eyes and my soul, Merisi! ~Janine XO

  16. Merisi, of course I believe you! And the bird you describe fits well with Misteldrosser who loves sticky berries!

  17. I really love your images, some there are so moving you into the flavor of Vienna...
    Thank you!


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