Monday 12 October 2009

Against The Dearth Of Monday Poems

Why the Dearth of Monday Poems?
Says me,
while looking at Sunday's mirror.

After all,
Mondays follow Sundays,
and that alone should be reason
to celebrate.

Monsieur Renoir?

Echoes of Auguste's
Luncheon of the Boating Party?

The well dressed Ladies
in their summer finery?

The clinking of the glasses,
the bottles of wine?

The waiter in the starched white shirt?
Oops, wrong line,
wrong picture too!

(Come to think of it,
who wants to be served
by Renoir's garçons in underwear???)

There we go!
Oops, there we go again, indeed,
wrong image! *sigh*

Look at this scene,
out on a wooden deck,
no boat in sight, but
no mysterious gentlemen in tophats either!
(Ever wondered about those gentlemen,
milling about in the back of Renoir's boat,
looking like ominous tax collectors,
ready to spoil the fun

Ah, Life is But a Dream
Built on a dearth of Monday poems


Photographed by Merisi

- who studied Renoir's
beautiful, room-filling painting intently
on many a visit to The Phillips Collection
in Washington, DC

May 17, 2009
Schloss Hof - Hof Castle

Once upon a time,
Hof Castle had a working manor farm.
Nowadays the farm's main building houses
the restaurant
"Zum Weißen Pfau"
"To the White Peacock"
The outdoor eating area
offers a view of the castle on one side,
rolling hills of the open countryside
on the other.
The food is not bad either.


Dedicated to my friends
Renate and Veronika

"The Luncheon of the Boating Party"
would have not have been half the fun
without their company!

Text and Images
© by Merisi
October 2009


  1. what an absolutely charming post!

    and for this we thank you.

    keep on bloggin'


  2. Looks like a wonderful day out.

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments!
    I had to use an old post, I need to get some work done before I am allowing myself the fun of composing a fresh one, hopefully tonight.

    To all a great start into the week,
    best wishes,

  4. what a wonderful lighthearted post!

  5. This is delightful, Merisi--your words and photos! Thanks so much for stopping by... And it's been lovely caching up here with you. I try to swing by when I can. Happy Days! :o)

  6. Totally refreshing post. Personally thought the waiter was cute and didn't mind a bit his appearances.
    That mirror is awesome.

  7. Beguiling -- and I too love that mirror!

  8. Oh Merisi, I somehow missed the last 4 posts. How beautiful they are. I was very touched by the border crossing post. Beautiful pics.

  9. Beautiful post...very calming to read and very inviting. I think I need to visit Vienna!

  10. Delightful weaving of thoughts and pictures.
    I love the shot of the woman in her summer finery.
    Servers in their underwear...nope, not for me. (:0)

  11. Lovely, beautiful and funny as always :-)

  12. Can I come spend a couple of days with you? :)

  13. I am hopping on a plane with Cheffie-Mom!

  14. Beautiful photos Merisi! The firts photo is magic!

  15. Dear Merisi. If you are not rewarded by the Mayor of Vienna [[there must be a mayor, musn't there?] for all the wonderful pictures you have spread around the world of that gorgeous city, then there is no justice. A medal for Merisi, please Mr Mayor.

    PS: Was that the waiter? Dishy or what!

  16. Next time you go to the south of France you should visit Renoir’s house in the Haut de Cagnes, near Antibes. It is a walk from the station but not too far and the view is beautiful from there. You would enjoy it I am sure.


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