Sunday 11 October 2009

Sunday Morning in the City

of a Caryatid


behind the news?

Bawag Café

Skirting the issue?
Shop Window Circumlocution

One More Reader
Corriere della Sera
Café Diglas

It's the Season!
Chocolate Marron Torte
Demel Pâtisserie

Un café,
s'il vous plaît.

Coffee, anyone?
La Maison de Merisi


Photographed by Merisi
11 October 2009


  1. No, I did not eat cake! :-)

  2. The first photo is simply divine!
    And oh yes I will eat the cake!
    Where's the coffee, Merisi?
    Black. Please! :-)

  3. How could you resist?
    I would have eaten the cake and hidden behind the paper too!

  4. @ The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street,
    i added a cup of Viennese Melange,
    Your black coffee is coming soon! ;-)

    @ ewix,
    (Whisper: I had grape strudel!) ;-)

  5. I'd love to stop by La Maison de Merisi for such a lovely cup of coffee. I'll bring the pear preserves and sharp cheddar.

  6. @ Vicki Lane,
    yesh! :-)))

  7. I'll go for the chocolate marron torte :-)

    I am ingtrigued by the newspaper skirt. The girl who buys it should not sit too near the kitchen stove!

  8. I love your play on words about skirting the issue. Beautiful photos. I love the curve of the statues' arm in the forst shot , followed by the same motion of the woman reading the paper.
    As always, good post.
    Now I'm hungry for a tasty tidbit and a wonderful cafe'.

  9. You should have eaten the cake!
    And I should have been there with you :-)

  10. The coffee looks irresistable! Maybe a small piece of cake too?

  11. I just love that first picture!

  12. a morning to enjoy the time and the day...

  13. @ The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street,
    this is my favorite caryatid in all of Vienna!
    There are two, infact: They grace the corners of a house which faces Tuchlauben. I always stop and look up, to admire their elegance. To my utter joy, they have been recently restored to their full beauty, the times and dust had taken a toll on their appearance.

    @ ewix,
    I made a chocolate marron cake for one of my daughters baptism celebration. I decorated it with ivory marzipan roses instead of the chocolate chestnuts (the roses I made myself *brag*).

    @ Vicki Lane,
    last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley, er, buy Cheddar, aged for 36 month, the one with the black wax coating from Cabot Farms. ;-)

    @ Wandring Star,
    you are welcome,
    please, help yourself! :-)
    I was intrigued by the newspaper skirts in that shop window, very original. I confess that I love Viennese shop windows. I love the sense of humour and wit they display.

  14. @ photowannabe,
    I love how you always notice the little things sometimes hidden away in my images and words, thank you for being such a kind and generous friend of my blog!

    @ Britt-Arnhild,
    I appreciate what you were saying,
    but I am also grateful I saved those calories. ;-)

  15. @ Vickie,
    how about a large piece of cake with that coffee? ;-)

    @ K,
    that caryatid is such a joy to look at and capture!

    @ Lara,
    I thoroughly did, Lara!
    The abysmal weather forecast for this week is such that I had to go out and enjoy that beautiful Sunday morning to the fullest.

  16. Oui, oui, un café avec une chocolate marron torte, merci Merisi! (We'll need a big table, I see)
    No, like you, I don't eat cake, hum, hum!
    Your photograph of chocolate is so real, as if it rushes out of the computer and stops under my nose, hu hu!

  17. I love the sense of awakening here... the caryatid stretching as the day begins.

  18. Je veux le café! So pretty...

  19. That skirt makes me want to squeal with delight. I want!

  20. Andre Veloux13 October, 2009

    My kind of frothy coffee!

  21. I love the newspapers skirt


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