Tuesday 13 October 2009

Autumn Blues

down the Strudlhof Steps,
I encountered this beautiful flower,
with blossoms of the bluest blue
reflecting the golden sunlight
that stole its way down to earth,
teasing a flock of sheeplike clouds
that was chased by northerly winds
over the bluest sky.

to my beloved
Strudlhof Children


Photographed by Merisi
13 October 2009


  1. Beautiful delicate flowers ! I love their combination of colours and yes it's an amazing bluest blue...

  2. I think that's plumbago (leadwort). We have it cascading over a rock wall and its cobalt blue is, indeed, one of the glories of the season.

  3. Ah, beautiful flower, and thanks to Vicki Lane we know its name.

  4. Wonderful! And you so rarely see a truly blue flower--so when you do, it's sublime.

  5. One guess Merisi......which is my favorite flower?????

  6. I wonder why we call them "the blues" when they make me so happy?

  7. Ah, very refreshing! I love your take on fall.

  8. Hi Merisi
    My eyes are just overflowing with the beautiful blues and creams in these posts. I don't know enough about photography to understand your skill, but it is clear.

    I like your gentle gaze. I really like the way you invoke Renoir. Exactly right.

  9. Flowers set with lapis lazuli.

  10. Beautiful blue - the blue I paint with - ultramarine blue.
    Wonder who the Strudlhof children are who you dedicated it to?

  11. @ Jeannette StGermain:
    The Strudlhof children are my own four.
    I read Heimito von Doderer's novel "Die Strudlhofstiege" ("The Strudlhof Steps") long before I ever visited Vienna and through this novel those steps somehow acquired a great importance in my image of this city. Life being stranger than fiction, these steps and my children are closely connected, ever since they moved here (I leave it at this hint for privacy reasons).
    Every time I walk down those steps, I feel at home, if one may say so.

  12. @ Kay -
    Thank you! :-

    @ My Castle in Spain:
    There was just this little batch where a few sunrays alighted on the newly planted flowers (the stairs have undergone a yearlong rennovation).

    @ Lori Lynn
    Thank you! :-)

  13. @ Vicki Lane:
    Thank you for answering the question about the flower's name so quickly!

    Interestingly, Google brought forth a series of flower images that seemed to be different from the one in my picture.

    To eliminate any uncertainties, I called the Vienna's Magistratsabteilung 42 (that is the city's municipal department responsible for its parks and gardens, the Wiener Stadtgärten) and was immediately called back, informing me that, indeed, this flower is Bleiwurz, i.e. Leadwort, specifically:

    "Ceratostigma plumbaginoides"
    a low growing groundcover that blooms from late summer until frost, its green foliage will turn a reddish bronze in late autumn.

    I am looking forward to see these flowers grow and change with the season!

    According to Herr Dipl.Ing Retter, there is a ceremony going on as I am writing, officially reopening the Strudlhof Steps after a successful restoration!

  14. I especially like the little frieze of cumulus in the lower picture.

  15. those blossoms are exquisite!!!

  16. what a refreshing look at fall, dear friend! i'm looking out my window at rain drenched shades of green. xoxox

  17. That blue flower is stunning.

  18. Beautiful flower for a beautiful blue sky.

    Ah but Winter is coming soon. My local Waltmart is starting to put the Christmas stuff. Then, if all goes right on Friday. I might be photographing a little snow.


  19. Blue is the perfect color for fall...thanks for telling me!

  20. @ Wandring Star,
    oh yes, those close were hanging around quite decoratively! ;-)

    @ Shadow,
    so brave too, blooming into late autumn!

    @ savannah,
    I hope you do not get too much rain!

    @ Arkansas Patti,
    the little flower that could! ;-)

  21. @ Cathy,
    yes, the were in perfect symmetry!

    @ Sandi McBride,
    you are welcome!

    @ Wurst Semmel
    oh yes! You wouldn't want to know what I see looking out my window right now!

  22. @ Gavin Plumley,
    yes, "Flowers set with lapis lazuli",
    thank you for this beautiful description, something to remember them by, those exquisite days of true autumn blues!

  23. Now I know and I hope my next destination will be Vienna !
    by seeing your pictures , I can see the weather was better in Vienna than in Prague


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