Saturday 1 August 2009

Farmers' Market in Shades of Orange

Yppen Platz Farmers' Market
Saturday morning,
August 1, 2009,
16th District


by Merisi

There are more pictures
of the farmers' market
hidden behind each of the images:
Just click on them
and enjoy! :-)


  1. The apricots look delicious, wish I had some :-)

    They tasted as good as they looked!

    Yes, summer sunshine!

  3. Wow, the ivory rose with the scarlet outlining is gorgeous.

  4. .

    imagine, I found it by chance.
    It was hidden under a table or the like leaning against a column, behind the farmer's stall. The orange and pink circles in the background are empty buckets.

  5. Yes, more orange :-)
    The girl's dress is too cute.

  6. Oh,oh, oh, oh, oh...I want to drape your blog all over my home!!!! The colors in this group of photos are absolutely exquisite!!!! I am absolutely enthralled! You are so brilliant!!! And the poetic prose you left me on my blog...Oh, Merisi...I'm sending you many hugs this day!!! And yes, the gentle whisper grows...the music begins to will soon reach a crescendo...and I? I will not be able to help myself...I shall dance, dance, dance...soon, my dear friend...very soon, I hope...

    On a more prosaic note, I will tell you that I have a few more serious items to clear off my plate, and then I will be able to allow myself to cut loose! I miss you!!!! I truly, truly do!!!! Thank you for making my day!!! You are the most wonderful of friends!!! And I feel deeply the absence of my dear friend Merisi's beautiful blog from my daily meditations upon all that is beautiful and right in this world!! I want to return...I am impatient...but circumstances require me to wait yet a bit longer...Sigh...but I hope it will not be much longer!!!! ~Janine XOXO

  7. Gorgeous! I love when you shoot the market!

  8. Nice bright colors on a summer day. I love the dahlias. I actually bought a small one this morning at our farmers' market. I had been looking at it with desire for a couple of weeks. The problem is, I am not a gardener. Anyway, have a great weekend.

  9. These photos...the compositions, colours, subject matter, clarity...are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Stunning pictures, all color coordinated. Perfect summer looks!

  11. Oh merisi I loved so much this selection of colour.

  12. Merisi, every one of your posts is magnificent. (Have I not written this many times before.) Yet, some of the colors combined in some of today's pictures really caught hold of my eye. That gentleman's hand seemed blue next to those apricots, and my mind took off to Gauguin land. The colors behind that gorgeous rose that your discovered and recovered also made me look and look.

    May I also thank you for your generous comments. Think that mysteriously my follower situation has returned to the old normal. (I keep hearing folks use the term New Normal, and always just shudder.)

    Best wishes, xo

  13. Hot, vibrant colors of summer! I love it when you take your camera with you around the city :D Hope you're having a great weekend!


  14. I think I don't really like orange . . . till you make me really see it. Beautiful!

  15. Those are stunning! Your pictures are like an adventure, I look forward to them all!

  16. All the photos representing summer at its finest. Excellent.

  17. i wanted to cry all the way through your photos. I lived in Stockerau for two years and loved my excursions to Wien. So many happy memories. Thank you.


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