Friday 31 July 2009

Evening Light in Vienna's Josefstadt

Vienna Josefstadt
In the blue evening sky,
A few dainty clouds move about,
taking on a faint hue of pink
from the setting sun.

At the corner of
Maria-Treu- and Piaristengasse
pediment and frame of a window
shimmer in the western light.

Josefstädter Strasse
resplendent in the Golden Hour's

One last generous
shaft of sunlight illuminates
the outdoor tables
at Café der Provinz.

After this last rebellion,
the golden light concedes
its brush to the Blue Hour.

Twilight rushes in,
painting everything in blue light,
before darkness sets in.

I sit down,
with one last cup of coffee,
and listen to the churchbells'


Photographs and text
© by Merisi
July 30th, 2009
8th District


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  1. Love the clouds ... and the coffee ..

  2. It's like "netting" almost over that one street. Interesting.

  3. these pictures are great, like walking through the memories of my childhood. i really like them.
    LG Monica

  4. I always enjoy visiting here.

    PS- I have a few awards for you on my blog :-)

  5. may i join you next time...beautiful captures as always. ahh...
    almost time to call it a day here. tomorrow off to the mountains.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos and narrative. Such beautiful architecture against the sky!

  7. These are very, very nice. I especially like that shaft of light over the cafe.

  8. There is something quite special about Italian light...or perhaps it is that there is something special about Italian evenings? Whatever the case, this is just lovely.

  9. Extraordinary how in Vienna the sky is almost always visible through the web of wires and tram lines... as if a net has been cast over the entire city. Lovely images, as ever.

  10. Another extraordinary day out culminating in a cup of coffee to end the day. How perfect!


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