Thursday 30 July 2009

Evening Rose

"If with mists of evening dew
Thou dost nourish these young flowers
Till they grow in scent and hue
Fairest children of the Hours ..."

Quoted from
"Song Of Proserpine"
by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Evening Rose
tonight at sunset
in the Rose Garden
of Vienna's Volksgarten Park


  1. A spectacular photo! What camera do you use, Merisi? My simple little Panasonic Lumix has a scratched lens (probably due to my rough treatment of the poor camera) and I suspect that a replacement camera is in the offing.

  2. Absolutely exquisite, Merisi. Sometimes I think flowers are just as pretty from underneath, especially roses.

  3. a wonderfully translucent rose and poem of old Percie's. He was my favourite poet of my early teens and his Ode to a Skylark stil firmly resides in my brain.

  4. Lovely! It's so refreshing to pop into your world of beauty and poetry. Thank you!

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    Southern Lady,
    I agree, flowers are beautiful from any angle! Thank you! :-)

    Vicki Lane,
    I captured this image with a NIKON D80.

    Since you already own a LUMIX, I would stay with the brand, it may well be the best little camera around anyway. Their latest model, PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-TZ7, with x12 optical zoom (from 25mm wide angle through to 300mm) - is a fantastic little miracle worker. Has all the good stuff that's important and its wide angle and the optical zoom give you an edge over most (if not all) cameras in that size and price range. It is also a whole lot cheaper than in Europe (I got it for my daughter and paid 400 good hard Euros).

    I own the previous model, the TZ5, bought a year ago (300 Euros that one), with a 28-200mm LEICA lens. I am lusting for the newer one, but that will have to wait for a few years. I am very happy with this little hard worker, though.

    For a bit more (of mostly the same) information click here, and see my comment on the "Midsummer Afternoon" post.

    If you are thinking about a digital SLR, I can give you a link to David McMahon's blog. He and his blogger friends did give me a lot of information and help when I was about to purchase one.

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    Thank you, Avril! :-)

    thank you for mentioning the Skylark poem! :-)

    In your honour, here a few lines:

    Ode to a Skylark
    by Percy Bysshe Shelley

    Like a Poet hidden
    In the light of thought,
    Singing hymns unbidden,
    Till the world is wrought
    To sympathy with hopes and fears it heeded not:


    Like a rose embowered
    In its own green leaves,
    By warm winds deflowered,
    Till the scent it gives
    Makes faint with too much sweet these heavy-wingéd thieves

  7. Thank you, Merisi. I love the little Lumix for its simplicity and would probably want another -- the next step up to the TZ7 sounds good. I may also look into the SLR as a reward when I finish the current book and have time to learn the ways of a more advance camera. At present most of my photos are taken on the fly -- not much time for thoughtful composition. But I would like the link to David McMahon's blog. Many thanks!

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    Vicki Lane,
    yes, if I were you I would go ahead and get the new Lumix!

    Here is the link to David's blog with he posts concerning the quest for a DSLR. David's posts and his readers advice in the comments were a great help. Have fun delving into that precious reservoir of information and knowledge!

  9. Many thanks for the advice and the link!

  10. Stunning! I love the blown out lighting behind the flower creating a translusence of the petals. Just stunning! You remain the Queen of Roses in my eyes. :D

    Happy Friday,


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