Tuesday 9 June 2009

Roses in the Morning

Below the crowns of the chestnut trees,
the city's Volksgarten park was still slumbering
in deep morning shade
when I happened upon this scene:

There, beyond the rows of chestnut trees and rose benches,
the early morning sun had just begun to illuminate
row upon row of tree roses in full bloom.
The sight was so enchanting,
it literally took my breath away!

On my side of the park,
the sun was finding her way
under the chestnut trees.
I seemed to hear her sly laugh,
no one was going to stop her
from kissing the roses eventually!

On the other side of the rose garden,
the sun had already succeeded
to wrap her rays around all of her roses
at lightening speed.

A rose is a rose is a rose,
Gertrude Stein was right,
and more so in early morning light.

These three ladies agreed,
walking with their heads turned,
mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

See this lady
literally stealing away
as the roses reach after her?
They are singing their silent Sirene song,
imploring her to stay and linger
a while longer.

And this, my friends,
was only the beginning!
More of my little rose tale


Photographed by Merisi
in the Volksgarten's
Rose Garden
May 29, 2009


  1. Merisi offers up Roses for breakfast today!
    And I just noticed the roses in my neighborhood yesterday too...
    It seems as if they just appeared in full-bloom...
    Bon appetite!

  2. What a gorgeous site this must be!

  3. "When" ( I'm not going to use the word 'if'--positive thinking!) I get to Vienna I'm having a seat right there for a whole morning. What a delight!

  4. I can almost smell the aroma here .. what a delight to see .. here its storming .. rain, black skies, thunder lightening ... did I mention it was raining?

  5. I would be in heaven there...
    Thanks Merisi.

  6. Oh, I love those rose trees. I think they're so beautiful. I want to do one of those in our garden. We have enough roses, that's for sure. But one more-- in a tree form-- would be a very good thing!

  7. The fragrance of all of those beautiful roses almost jumps out through my computer screen. It must have smelled wonderful while you were taking these photos. :D

  8. You have a fairy's touch...you turn the simplest of everyday events into the beautiful music, poetry and art that sustains our souls!!! Breath-taking...pure delight...simply magic! ~Janine XO

  9. i can smell them here...beckoning me to come to vienna and enjoy them in person.
    beautiful beautiful.
    have a lovely evening.

  10. blooms on a stick. Now that is an intersting display.

  11. oh oho oh
    standard roses too
    so Alice in Wonderlandish
    and very beautiful too
    Have a happy week.

  12. Anonymous09 June, 2009

    Simply breathtaking! :)

  13. The lovely, generous rose! They make the world a better place by their mere existence.

  14. Anonymous09 June, 2009

    Stunning. love the woman's heal among the roses.

  15. These rose trees remind me of an incident during 1994 when I visited brother #2 in Point Roberts, WA and had to take care of his wife's rose trees while they were away on a cruise. Everything was fine until the night of a big storm and the next day there were a couple of brnches that had been broken off. I knew that if you rebound the branches onto the broken part on the tree they would grow back together and continue to produce their flowers. Well, it turned out I put the wrong branch on the wrong rose tree and my sister-in-law acquired new hybrid roses on those particular branches.


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