Monday 8 June 2009

Against the Dearth of Monday Poems

The sounds of traffic
die over the back lawn
to occur again in the low

The voices, risen, of
the neighborhood cannot
maintain that pitch
and fail briefly, start
up again.

Similarly my breathing rises
and falls while I look out
the window of apartment
number three in this slum,
hoping for rage, or sorrow.

They don’t come to me
anymore. How can I lament
anything? It is all
so proper, so much
as it should be, now

the nearing cumulus
clouds, ominous,
shift, they are like the
curtains, billowy,
veering at the apex
of their intrusion on the room.
If I am alive now,
it is only

to be in all this
making all possible.
I am glad to be
finally a part
of such machinery. I was
after all not so fond
of living, and there comes
into me, when I see
how little I liked
being a man, a great joy.

Look out our astounding
clear windows before evening.
It is almost as if
the world were blue
with some lubricant,
it shines so.

Looking Out the Window Poem
by Denis Johnson


Images taken by Merisi
around Vienna's
19th District
Mai-June 2009


  1. Denis Johnson wrote one of my favorite short stories,
    "Train Dreams".
    First published in the summer 2002 issue of the "Paris Review",
    it is still available as part of the
    "The O.Henry Prize Stories 2003" collection.

    "Train Dreams" is available also in a hardcover edition,
    but this is the German translation,
    which has kept the original English title.

  2. A fabulous post...again...but I never tire of telling you so...You know that I love windows...I've told you often...they hold possibility and hope...and Johnson's poem captures this perfectly...You pair poetry and your photographic art in such an extraordinary and exceptional manner...It is breathtaking! I love Merisi Mondays! ~Janine XO

  3. A lot can be seen just looking out a window.

  4. What a lovely poem and told so beautifully with your photography, makes it all the richer

  5. Can imagine why you love his poetry. If poetry sound well in 2 languages, it really is fabulous! For the next month I'll be vacationing and selling our house, so I'll be irregular on blogger:)

  6. A window.........
    looking both out and in
    a transitional place between public and private
    so very much symbolism here
    no wonder we are addicted to windows
    such a thought provoking post, Merisi.
    Wish you could have been at out picnic yesterday.

    ps: the word verification thing has gone quite nuts:

  7. Poetry and gorgeous scenery! Wonderful, especially the one overlooking the city.

  8. Wonderful, evocative photos as usual, Merisi!

  9. Merisi, Vienna is one of my favourite cities, unfortunately I saw it only through a tourist's eye. It's very refreshing to see all these lovely pics of Vienna on your blog.

    Love love it :)

  10. Very provocative poem and wonderful photos to accompany them. Its pure joy to visit your blog Merisi.

  11. You bring us Paradise, ma'am.

  12. Andre Veloux09 June, 2009

    Interesting collection of photos!

  13. the images play the words so well. Love the fan and bananas shot. ~rick

  14. Congratulations on Post of the Day!

  15. Beautiful words & images. Just lovely. Congratulations on POTD.

  16. Congratulations Merisi!!!! It, of course, goes without saying that this was brilliant, and so obviously deserves POTD! But then, I think all of your posts deserve POTD!!! You are brilliant!!! ~Janine XO

  17. Pics and poem - perfect, as usual...

  18. hello! what a true a pleasure to find you, to meet you, and to read your work!

  19. I can't believe I've never visited your blog when I see so many familiar names I know in the comments. This is a beautiful blog. Congrats on your POTD from David.


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