Sunday 17 May 2009

Peony Days

Pink Peonies and Blue Doors

Red Peonies in a Box

True Pink Peonies

Cherries and Peonies

Wine and Red Roses

Photographed by Merisi
May 2008
at the Farmers' Market

16th District


  1. Stunning peonies Merisi,
    especially those red ones...
    at my farmers' market today I bought some proteas - ancient flowers of great strength and beauty...

  2. Great light, beautiful shots.

  3. Gerade was mein Herz begehrt, Arme voller rosa Pfingstrose! Danke, danke, danke.

  4. Those pictures are awesome!!
    The one thing I really miss about leaving Nashville is the awesome farmer's market!!

  5. Heaven! How I do love peonies.

  6. Anonymous17 May, 2009

    It is all so very colorful! :)

  7. Those are all just stunning. I do love peonies. How all that energy fits into those tight little buds is amazing to me. Lovely!

  8. OH GAWD! Isit peony time already?
    Or is it me...
    I think it's me not being up on the flower calendar.
    Is everything more beautiful in Vienna or is it you making it so...

  9. I have taken some time to catch up on your beautiful posts. I think the "rain theme" ones just below are especially lovely.

  10. Simply stunning! I am particularly partial to the wine and roses :-) Happy thoughts, and beautiful visions here!!! ~Janine XO

  11. My favorite color in all of creation: red . . . and every variant there-of. How beautifully you've captured it!

  12. Delwyn,
    thank you!

    I am coming to admire your proteas! :-)

    david mcmahon,
    the light here on sunny days in May is story-book beautiful!

    thank you,
    I hope you had a good Sunday too,
    and a good start into the week!

    you are welcome, it's my pleasure! :-)
    Once a year in May, my friends in Rome brought me literally an armful of peonies, fresh from the market. It is in Rome that my love for peonies war born. In Washington a peony would cost anything from 4 Dollars upwards, and most often these poor creatures looked starved. There were some great peonies, especially tree peonies, around the city though.

    I can imagine this a true hardship! I hope you find other farmer's markets near your new home! Good luck! :-)

  13. Juju,
    merci! :-)))

    Charles Gramlich,
    true joy, aren't they?

    The Wanderers' Daughter,
    I share that sentiment! :-)

    that market is a sea of colors on Saturday mornings! :-)

    I agree! I find myself often standing in front of one of those giant blossoms and think how in the world is this possible! And all for the bees? ;-)

    Carol, peony time started about a month ago here in Vienna, and will last into June, with different varieties.

    I am tempted to say that everything is more beautiful in Vienna, but then again ... who am I to judge? All I do is capture what I see and let you be the judge! ;-)

  14. Seattle Boy,
    glad you managed to find the time, thank you for coming by again! :-)

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    wine and roses happen to meet on a regular basis here, and not only at the farmer's market!
    Many vintners have roses planted right at the edge of the vineyards, a beauty to behold!

    I saw red damask curtains yesterday, truly stunning, I can imagine you would love them (coming up in a post here soon!).

  15. You have so many more flowers blooming now then we do (we are still at the lilac stage).

    Lovely lovely lovely....

  16. tic illustrations,
    it seems the whole city and the countryside around it is in bloom.
    Yesterday I drove along roads lined with blooming acacia trees, a sight to behold, the white flowers against a deep blue sky.

  17. Congrats on being David's POTD!!

    ~ Carol ~

  18. congrats
    lovely photos

  19. Congrats, Merisi...I think ALL your posts are POTD!!!! You are fab! ~Janine XO

  20. Bee-yoo-tee-full! The colors are so vivid. Just lovely.

  21. Anonymous19 May, 2009

    and we meet again at David's POTD! Congratulations :)

  22. Merisi, these are absolutely glorious!

    It saddens me that my vivid fuschia ones fade in the sun . . .

    (But the roses will be blooming soon, so there is always something to look forward to.)


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