Sunday 29 March 2009

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Raspberry-Red Ranunculus
The Botanical Garden of the
University of Vienna
Adjacent to Belvedere Gardens
3rd District


at 4.23pm


  1. Oh what a gorgeous colour!

  2. Oh, ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers. They're so lovely, and this color is so rich and lovely. Love the drops of water making this even more lush.

  3. The hint of magenta amidst the red catches my eye. The water droplets capture the photo in your moment of time. I don't always comment, but you can be sure I'm looking regularly. I enjoy your blog very much.

  4. The following comment is not at all sarcastic, but will sound so....
    I like that you post the exact minute minute that the photo was taken.
    Thank you.
    It proves that you love that ranunculus, as I now do... at 9:21 p.m.
    Over here, on this side of the world.

  5. Such a lush color, and the layers within layers. Wow.

  6. they are in bloom already??? crikey!

  7. Wandring Star,
    isn't it, yes, I loved it - under my big umbrella and among all that grey of a rainy day the flowers shone, even that late in the afternoon. :-)

    A Brush with Color,
    wished I'd own a macro lens, the rain water puddle at the flower center acted like a mirror.

    Kristin Sherman Olnes,
    this one flower must have had a blue ancestor somewhere. I'd love to see Johann Gregor Mendel's experiment repeated with ranunculas instead of peas - not only kids would love it, I suppose (oh well, it's the year of Darwin and poor Mendel's forever in his shadow). ;-)

    thank you for your kind words, Cip, you are on to something! :-)

    If I had the time (and talent to write!) I would have said something about the thought that went into capturing that flower at exactly that moment: It was late on a dark and rainy Sunday of a late spring. During the past week, snow had fallen again, but only hours before, on Saturday, the sun did come out - and fool us all into believing that there will be warmer days ahead - only to make way for more clouds the morning after.

    And that little flower shone no matter what, like a beacon of hope.

    It is now 9.04 on Monday and still raining. ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    wonder how many petals there are. ;-)

    crikey, yes,
    but less so than it seems:
    I am sure that flower had a very sheltered upbringing, in one of the winter gardens of the University. I am grateful for their foresight! :-)

  8. Vienna seems to be a nice city

  9. Something glamorous about a ranunculus.....

  10. L O V E L Y !!!

    Thank you !


  11. Gorgeous vision of raspeberry-red on an equally gorgeous day here in the city!

  12. Lovely flower, attractive image.

  13. A ranunculus full of rainwater....lovely!

  14. delicious color


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