Sunday 29 March 2009

Earl Grey Chocolate Guglhupf
May I Tempt You?

Earl Grey and Chocolate Cake
from my kitchen

All the Funny Pages
in Sunday's Papers?

A Cappuccino
Straight out of Rome
Café Sant'Eustachio

for a slice?

Need more incentives
to stray off the
virtuous path?

Click on
the images! :-)


  1. I love the newspapers and bolws! Great shot!

  2. Goodness Merisi, with Guglhupf you can always tempt me! I'll be right over, just don't eat it all before I get there.

  3. I am ready for a slice. It looks amazing.

  4. Very nice photos, Merisi! Really, I would love to be there...

  5. That cake looks positively sinful.

  6. You can almost tempt me and I am not particularly fond of sweets and cakes.

  7. Oh yes, I'm on my way for a slice of your cake. I love your cake plate too. I'm always tempted by the photos on your blog.

  8. Oh yes please!
    "The newspapers and the bowls" is an invitation to Sunday indulgence.

  9. OMG, count me in! That sounds delicious! I'd like to try that! I'll bet it's fabulous. Love the other goodies you're enticing us with, too. I'll be there in a few. Don't eat it all before I get there.

  10. That cake looks scrummaceous!

  11. Count me in for a slice of the wonderful looking cake! Did you make it? And Earl Grey tea.....a great companion to a little something sweet. Good thing we don't gain pounds from looking at these yummies! :D
    Happy Sunday, Merisi....~Allie

  12. Hello Merisi, and many thanks for baking that very tempting cake. Only a few more weeks of Lent, and then I plan a joyeous reunion with glorious chocolate.

    I have begun looking in windows of chocolate shops. None of these windows offer anything to match those Viennese window displays you show us.

    We also had a misty, foggy Sunday, here in New York.

    May Monday also offer inspiration, rain or shine.

  13. Oh yum! tea and cake. I'll take some.

  14. Thank you all! :-)

    Regarding the Earl Grey,
    the tea is actually in the cake, one full cup of strong brew! The Bergamot flavor shines through. ;-)

  15. se vieni a Roma, ci vediamo e te lo offro io un mega-cappuccino a Sant'Eustachio !!!

  16. You've combined two of my favorites - Earl Grey and Chocolate! I've just read that they are both in the Guglhopf...Ahhh, that must be divine!

  17. LUC,
    sono stata a Roma recentemente,
    purtroppo neanche un mezzo giorno da trascorrere con gli amici.
    Sogno di tornarci presto!

  18. beh, la prossima volta avvertimi ;^)
    se avrai tempo ....

  19. Yum! i particularly love the shot of the papers and sugarbowls lined up.

  20. Oh yes ! actually i would say i'm ready for more than one slice !

    ps: thank you for your sweet comments Merisi. I hope you can watch this movie Pranza da ferragosto. A friend saw it in France and told me it was a little jewel...

  21. I came prepared today with my own cup of coffee and a slice of homemade blueberry bread. But your food photos are still delightful to look at.

  22. You seem to be such a chef .

  23. I love so much this cake, he look so yummy! At the moment the taste of Earl Grey is my fun with Bergamot essential oil in the dough...


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