Wednesday 28 January 2009

A Snowy Day in Beethoven's Neighborhood

Beethoven Lived Here
Pasqualati-Haus and Liebenberg Monument
Mölker Bastei

Liebenberg Monument
City Hall and the University of Vienna
Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring

Schreyvogelgasse and Mölker Steig
In far back, the Gilded Angel
of the Liebenberg Monument
and the University of Vienna

Beethoven's Neighborhood
Dreimäderl-House and, right behind,

Mölker Steig

Mölker Steig
Turning to the right in the
direction of Schreyvogelgasse

Open Window
over Mölker Steig

January 13,2009


Thanks to David McMahon and Quintessential Magpie
I discovered Susan's wonderful “Outdoor Wednesday project.
Feel free to visit, even join her,
after all we have mightily endulged ourselves
over the last couple of days. ;-)

And who knows,
there may be another cup of coffee or tea
waiting for us tomorrow! :-)



  1. Wonderful architecture, repetition of line, windows, etc, and that golden statue amidst all of these is a gem. This opened window might just be my favorite, though--and the wall next to it is so rich and lush!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I imagine it hasn't changed all that much since he walked those streets.

  3. your photos are absolutely beautiful. I have drawn a link to my history of coffee and art in Vienna, if that is ok.

    We will always have Vienna!!

  4. What fantastic photos! (I popped over from Barbara Martin's blog)

  5. his number 7 is a particular favorite.....

  6. I like the second photo - the snow appears to be powdered sugar dusting the cupola. I guess my mind is still at Demel's - with the sugary treats ;)

  7. A Brush with Color,
    this is one of my favorite "hidden" corners in all of Vienna. Every time I walk up there, I feel as if I am leaving the noisy present and entering the quiet of a 19th Century town. Not that it was always so peaceful up there, Beethoven living in the Pasqualati-Haus meant he was living at the top of the city wall. In 1909, when Napoleon attacked the city with cannon fire, Beethoven's building became what nowadays would be called collateral damage and he had to flee his home.

  8. Willow,
    you are right, according to the sources I have consulted so far, everything looks pretty as it did 200 years ago.

  9. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful blog you have! This is a great post for Outdoor Wednesday. I love Wien and all the music history -- well, also Salzburg and Prague. I need to return to visit Mozart's grave.

    All the best, Lana

  11. Hels,
    you are welcome!
    I enjoyed reading your Vienna essay,
    thank you for the link! :-)

    welcome to Vienna! :-)

    oh yes, it was a winner, the moment I set eye on it! :-)

    You are getting into the right frame of mind here! *giggle*
    Any Viennese would call that delicate dusting of snow angezuckert, as if dusted with powdered sugar. ;-)

  12. Melissa Wertz,
    welcome, thank you! :-)

    welcome and thank you!
    I love Salzburg, my grandparents lived there, I spent my childhood summers with them.

  13. I feel like I've stepped into a dream everytime I visit here...

  14. Thank you for this lovely tour. You can just feel the history. Kathy

  15. Thank you for this lovely tour.I would like to choose one that I liked best but I can't, they were all just beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  16. Oh, your posts make me year to travel and see more of the world.

  17. The gold just glows against the muted colors.
    So very lovely.

  18. Merisi, these photographs are absolutely magnificent! One of the places I've always longed to travel is Vienna. I would love to see it and the rest of Austria. I think that all of us who saw "The Sound of Music" fell deeply in love with Austria. What an incredibly beautiful place in any season, but your winter pictures are just breathtaking!

    Thank you for sharing these...


    Sheila :-)

  19. You never fail to delight with your beautiful photographs Merisi, and your "eye" uncannily catches that which most of us fail to upon first sight. So lovely to glimpse the abode of someone who still touches our lives today. Smile.

  20. That area is so beautiful,and yes it takes you back to a different era of Vienna. First time to see it in cold snow !

    I hope that things are better after the wallet event.

    All best, and thanks

  21. I never tire of looking at the exquisite stylishness of Vienna, especially through your lens :-)

    Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you? Are you off to Venice this year?

  22. You have taken me to another part of our beautiful world today thank you.
    Happy OW
    Claudie from Canada

  23. Snow in Vienna, ice in Dallas....I would prefer your snow! :D I'm puzzled with the open window. Very interesting. It's sure to be why is it open? Hmmmm.
    Hope you are staying warm and feeling better.

  24. I so enjoyed seeing some of Vienna through your lens! Love it...

  25. Wien is a city with so many faces. Do I spot some wooden houses here?

  26. Beautiful buildings, street and awesome golden angels. Wonderful!!

  27. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday... a
    little late...I apologize!

    Beautiful photos of Vienna! I have an online friend that lives in Bad Ischl.... and I always am in awe of the gorgeous photos of the sites you see every day!

    Thank you for sharing your photos with us!


  28. I love your photo of open window

  29. You have done Beethoven proud in this post.
    I happen to know he is a follower of Merisi...


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