Thursday 29 January 2009

Café Dommayer: Coffee or Tea?

Johann Strauss
Etched in Glass

Mirror in the vestibule
Café Dommayer

It was here, at Café Dommayer,
that the 19 year old Johann Strauss played
in public for the first time,
on the 15th of October, in 1844.

Tea and Melange
A sunny weekend morning hour
spent with friends.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Clicking on the
first and the last image
will take you back to Dommayer's


  1. Such elegance, such opulance, looks like a place where I could feel very much out home. Though I think I would have to change out of my Uggs.

  2. The first is my favourite of the three stunning pictures.

    btw Merisi, do you spend all your time drinking coffee and window shopping, picnicking in thepark! I'm sure not, but I do want your life...

  4. Moannie,
    Uggs are a very wise choice with the weather we're having latey: Snow, snow, snow! ;-)

    Wandring Star,
    it's a small oval mirror, you can check your appearance in the vestibule, before you enter, or have a last look back, as I did.

    Fat, frumpy and fifty,
    I am a great pretender! ;-)
    Not really, for instance,
    I have not left my home since Thursday last, and that was to the corner grocery store.

  5. Dear Merisi,

    Thank you soooo much for posting those pictures of Demel!! They are fantastic!
    It is definitely different than what they did before - a lot more modern! :)

  6. Merisi~
    I would have to agree with Fat, Frumpy, & Fifty.....I think I would like to have your life! Or at least be your neighbor so that I could travel out and about the town with you :D I think what attracts me so much to your city and their pictures is the every day elegance in which people live. My crystal and china are packed away and only used for special occasions, which are few and far between. Maybe it's time to make the every day occasion special occasions....hmmmmmm....

  7. .
    you are welcome!
    You know my fondest dream?
    Those Demel fairies doing a project that I designed! ;-)
    Btw, I just made two dozen Faschingskrapfen. After almost a week confined to bed, I got stir crazy. ;-)

    Dear Readers:
    Tea is a pastry fairy!
    She studies in New York, but a year ago she spent a long internship with Demel's. She is in immensely talented and hard working young woman (only twenty! and so accomplished already).
    I can envision the day when people line up to buy her pastries. Here is the link to her blog.

  8. .
    I remember othe day when I layed the table with my mom's best dishes and she admonished me that they were for special occasions only. I replied that every day of our life is a special occasion. She smiled and agreed.
    When we moved from DC, I went to Crate and Barrel and bought milky white bone china dishes for 24. I have used them for three and half years now, every day. Only one cup has a chip so far, nothing broken.

  9. O M G ! ! ! ! ! !
    I WANT some of the "mini" Zitronen tarte
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I want...
    I want..

  10. The crystal etching is gorgeous. What wonderful walks you go on, Merisi. I'll trade you a hike in the Canadian western wilderness for one hike in Vienna.

  11. Your viennese café are the most beautiful places! You created this fabulous concept and place

  12. I am overcome by the perfect serenity and poetry of that teapot and cup...
    Must go ly down and recover...


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