Saturday 13 December 2008

Winter Day

Early Sunrays
Strudlhof Steps

Kissed by the Sun
Garden Fountain
Palais Liechtenstein

Christmas Village
Museum of Natural History

Empress Maria Theresa
Marie-Antoinette's Mother

"Homeward Bound"
Christmas Trees for Sale
Mariahilfer Strasse

Frozen Pond
13th District

December 9, 2008


  1. Beautiful as always. Such enchanting scenes you see and capture every day. I love the close up profile of the fountain sculpture.

  2. Looks like another cold but sunny day. I love that people still go out and enjoy the town, even when it's so cold. How much do they charge for the live Christmas trees there? I agree with Hilary, I really like the fountain sculpture photo....great lighting! Happy Saturday!

  3. Poor swaddled trees. But magnificent in their natural setting; great link on that one!

  4. The captured angles of your photographs are awe inspiring. I literally feel like I am enchantily floating amidst your beloved city, in a dream. Thanks for giving me some daily inspiration.

  5. Hilary,
    thank you! :-)
    The sculpture is the same as in my Wednesday, December 10, post, a mother and child image. I love it.

    you will have to come and see for yourself, how truly "résistant aux intempéries" the Viennese are! Last night, there was drizzle and temperatures hovering near freezing, yet at 9pm they were still out, hanging around the outdoor watering holes, drinking Christmas punch and hot mulled wine and having a jolly good time! :-) It's a sight to behold. Great outer ware fashion show of the elegant variety too.

  6. Tut-tut,
    well, yes, the trees have been cut, not an act of kindness probably, but the packaging is in their interest. The wrapping protects their branches well during transport. I have noticed that here in Vienna, no one sells Christmas trees before the middle of the month. Most Austrians still adhere to the old costum of decorating a Christmas tree only on the afternoon of Christmas Eve day.

    Last night, Graben square was enveloped in the fragrance of hundreds of freshly arrived Balsam firs ("Graben", I never know what to call it, the Viennese refer to this most elegant, roughly twice as long as wide stretch of street, leading from St. Stephan's cathedral to Kohlmarkt, only as "The Trench"). Kohlmarkt (another short street, most notably home to Demel's, the name allegedly referring to some coal trading going on in there in the course of its history) leads to St. Michael's Square (Michaelerplatz), and the Michael's Gate (Michaelertor) entrance to the Imperial Palace (Hofburg).

  7. Celestial Charms,

    thank you! :-)

  8. It looks very pretty and you don't have an idea of it being cold until the frozen pond.

  9. Oooh, your photos make me want to travel ever so bad!

    Love your pictures!

  10. I was trying to think of a caption for the Christmas trees but di dnot come up with one. They do look interesting like that.

  11. Charles Gramlich,

    welcome, and thank you!

    how about "Homeward Bound"? ;-)

  12. Winter day...
    Hey-nonny, nonny
    Strudel steps...
    Served with creps.
    Snowflakes falling...
    Hot Schoclolade calling.

  13. Hey, Ms. Kremer,
    the hot chocolate gave you away!

    there's an apartment for you in Paris, er, Vienna! ;-)

  14. Oh, the light and shadows on that statue are beautiful. What a wonderful collection of images here...

    We used to wait to decorate a tree until the last minute, but it seems that for me, I'm gone for so long on the road with my job that when I'm finally home, I so want to put the tree up to enjoy it for the full season. But I do like the tradition oif waiting...I'm just impatient, I guess! (I was in 65 hotels these past few months, and home is good--I think I start "nesting" after that!)

  15. maybe you would like the exhibition "Steinerne Zeugen" in Hermesvilla/Lainzer Tiergarten. Running til January 11th.

    your blog is very beautiful and interesting.

  16. I like all the photos, but the frozen pond caught my eye with the rigid grass stems poised over the glittering water.

  17. Yes, that is funny. A queue of aliens from outer space waiting at the bus stop!

    The Venice pic looks like a mock up.

  18. I don't like very much winter but your viennese one looks so poetic ..


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