Saturday 13 December 2008

Venetian Blues

"Il Cielo dei Sospiri"
"Heaven of Sighs"
Bridge of Sighs
October 2008

I know,
this is supposed
to be a blog about Vienna.
Please bear with me and
pardon the digression.
You may then click on the image
to enlarge it.


  1. It's an added bonus! Digress all you want. I can never get enough of Venice. This picture is really gorgeous and full of detail when enlarged.
    Sighing over the Bridge of Sighs,

  2. Hello, Merisi - Lori from San Pedro introduced your blog to me - I think it's wonderful. Is the blue "sky" around the bridge part of an art installation or a covering during construction? Either way it makes the famous bride stand out & YOU were there to photograph it! We were in Vienna for St. Stephen's day (we went to mass) in 1989. Veinna was amazingly grand and at the same time a definite cross roads between Western & Eastern Europe. A Romanian dixiland band was playing in from of the cathedral & celebrating the fall of communism there. Sorry about the lengthy comment. I'm truly enjoying your beautiful photos.

  3. Venice is another place I love, so digress all you like.

  4. Oh, as someone whose email address is "loveitaly" you can digress as much as you like here!! I love this! Looks like a busy day with all the gondolas here. Venice is such a special place...thanks for the memories!

  5. Astonishing! Venice, Vienna, wherever. You always pick absolutely gorgeous photo.

  6. You take such wonderful photos wherever you go.....digress all you want! Venice is such a romantic city to me and you always seem to find such interesting architecture or pops of color. Italy,'s ALL good! :D

  7. Wow, lovely shot, love those blues. And yes,, I agree, getting a shot of Venice is more a bonus than a digression! :-)

  8. Unfortunately, this reminds me of a trailer I saw last night for an absolutely horrible looking movie called "sharks of Venice." I kid you not.

  9. This makes you want to sigh, the beauty of it.

  10. You can digress as much as you like! I love your photos of Venice.

  11. Digress away,Merisi. So lovely.

  12. Love that Venetian Blue, full marks for your photography.

    I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; A palace and a prison on each hand.;)

  13. This photo is amazing. Love it.

  14. A Thousand Clapping Hands,
    ah si, Catherine,
    our sighs nowadays may be due to pleasures past and to a longing to relive them, but sigh we still do! Come no? ;-)

    welcome to Vienna and thank you!
    Twenty years is a long time in the life of a modern city, are you planning on visiting again any time soon?

    The Bridge of Sighs is undergoing emergency repair and in order to raise funds for the project, the construction site's protective covering is being used as a billboard.

    The "Sky of Sighs" is a brainchild of Oliviero Toscani, an Italian photographer who came first to international attention with his advertising campaign for "United Colors of Benetton".

    Barbara Martin;
    Thank you,
    I shall remember! :-)

    A Brush with Color,
    *smile* Siamo sorelle! :-)

    I took this picture at sunset,
    which seemed to provoke a veritable gondola rush hour!

    thank you! :-)

    thank you! :-)

    Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah),
    thank you, *smile*!

    Charles Gramlich,
    I have heard of sharks showing up along the coast there, though! ;-)


    This makes you want to sigh, the beauty of it.

    thank you! :-)

    I hear you, thanks! :-)

    thank you!
    I wouldn't have wanted to walk over the bridge, either way.

    thank you! :-)

  15. I concur with the other comments - Vienna or Venice - how could one quibble? Your views of both are always gorgeous.

  16. Oh my swells my heart...and dampens my eyes...

  17. when enlarged this is stunning as usual merisi...


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