Saturday 20 December 2008

The Great Outdoors

Christmas Tree
Courtyard of Palais Daun-Kinsky

Probably the Daun-Kinsky Palace,
I hasten to add.
There are so many of these palaces,
and so close to each other,
that when you converse a bit too animatedly
with your company,
you risk to lose track
and suddenly find yourself lost
in a palace courtyard
you have never seen before.

Happy Hour
Palais Harrach Courtyard

Note: It is before 4pm on a Saturday!
People are probably celebrating the fact
that the shops will be closing in two hours.
Alright, I lied:
I am told that Viennese
really don't need a reason to enjoy themselves
outdoors, in the middle of winter.
They are literally standing at every corner of the city,
sipping "Punsch."
Punsch (p-oo-n-sh) n. Any hot liquid with at least 15% alcohol, ex.: Orange juice, tea, Danube water, ....
I am pretty sure
I got the palais right this time

Lighting the Way
Cafe Central Konditorei

How could one miss
this little hot spot
in the courtyard
of an unnamed building (alas, no palace!)?
Sweet comfort:
There are palaces to the left,
the right, front and back.

Strike the Harp
And Join the Chorus.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.
With so much merrymaking going on,
it's easy to fall into
joyful spirit!

Saturday Afternoon

Café Pâtisserie Aida
next St. Stephen's Cathedral.
With darkness falling
in the middle of the afternoon,
bright lights are of the essence
to keep depression at bay

Christmas Tree
A few steps from Café Pâtisserie Aida,
between the Haas building and
St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The same tree,
with St. Stephen's Cathedral.


  1. These pictures are lovely. Vienna looks so wonderful during Christmas. I wish I could go! :)

  2. Oh Thank you for the photos. I knew Vienna at Christmas would be beautiful

  3. It seems as if the Viennese have found the answer to stave off those winter blues with all those lights and merriment!

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Such wonderful photos of Christmas in Vienna, sigh.

  5. How lovely to see the glittering lights on the Haas Haus.

  6. I love how everyone is out and about and enjoying the season, regardless of the weather. With it getting dark so early in the day, Punsch seems to be the right cure for the winter blues :D Less sunshine just means more holiday lights...yes? Thank you for sharing the photos of Vienna celebrating the season....they are WONDERFUL!

  7. It all looks stunning, and that St Stephen's cathedral is magnificent!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful photos of Vienna at Christmastime... I think I could even enjoy standing outdoors in the cold with a little "Punsch".


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