Sunday 21 December 2008

Christmas in Vienna

The Herald Angel Sings

Palais Interiors
Palais Ferstel Passage

Santa Rudolph

Two Swans
dancing on silver coquille Saint-Jacques shell

The King of the Forest
After the blizzard

Pigs Polar Bears
Pigs might fly!
Polar bears can fly!

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"
Hide and seek!

The Little Green Bird
Papageno tried to catch it,
in vain.

I have hidden
little musical treasures
behind each image.
One magic click,
and you'll find them.
Enjoy! :-)


  1. Such a polar bear and pretty green bird.
    Season's Greetings.

  2. Ah, baubles, my favourite things! I was going to ask if you could post some up, but then I thought, oh, Merisi will do that anyway...and you have! Thank you! Have a lovely Viennese Christmas.

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    I feel sure that the little green bird with the white iris is one of the species of White-eyes Zosperops. You may like to compare this, for example.

    WV: phalino

  4. I wonder if flying polar bears have an annual moult?

  5. Those are virtual jewels. So lovely. I especially like the reindeer santa.

  6. Ah yes--your hidden treasures are wonderful as well! Loved the music. My grandfather used to get us tickets to the Nutcracker Suite ballet in NY at Lincoln Center every year when we were kids so the dancing there touched me, and brought back fond memories, too...

  7. Exqisite ornaments with the sounds of the season. Thank you, Merisi.

  8. Love Santa Rudolph! Please make sure to leave him a plate of hay instead of cookies and milk on Christmas eve...

  9. you festive images are riveting..I spent most of my days shift on the pc at reception..

    looking your pics through the archive, with three colleagues over my shoulder.

    Please drop by and read todays (sunday) post!!

  10. We are both in a Nutcracker mood. The music from the Pas de Deux always gives me chills. I so loved dancing in the Nutcracker every year. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment...loved the puppies!
    Thinking of you.

  11. Thank you all a thousand times for your visits and your wonderful comments! They brighten my heart,
    I am looking forward to have a little more time to visit you after Christmas.
    May your days be filled with Christmas joy!

  12. Very nice pictures. I think that Christmas in good old Europe has somehow "deeper" feeling...Some years ago I had the chance to be there during Christmas some years ago and it was something..different, than here in Canada.
    Wish you merry and calm Christmas and some snow, if you don't have :)

  13. I've been waiting very patiently for this post :D I just KNEW you would do this again this year....I'm like a kid in a candy shop whenever I get around Christmas ornaments. Explains why my Christmas tree is very ecclectic......I just pick up little ornaments that make me smile from where ever I perfect Home & Garden magazine spread on my tree....but that's what makes me smile :D I'm going back now to look at each hidden little musical treasure you have behind each image. Don't you just love Christmas?!!

  14. LOVE the little yellow birdie...
    Is he yours?
    I would have him out all year...

  15. I came here yesterday and I am back today. To look at your lovely photos and to listen to the wonderful music, watching the dances. Your place is a wonder!

  16. Is that a picture of you in the mirror taking a photograph?


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