Monday 22 December 2008

Christmas Around Town

„Zum heiligen Kreuz“
Church of the Holy Cross
Mariahilfer Strasse
A bit of blue sky,
thouroughly appreciated

Spittelberg Christmas Market
"Entertainment Meets Culture"
Viennese Ingenuity!
Last bit of blue sky, though.

Santas Galore!
Are they after the maiden
or the Guglhupf?

Organic Farmers' Market

Wines and Olive Oil
Grandfather and grandchild
Organic Farmers Market
Freyung Square

Christmas Market Spittelberg
Punsch, sandwiches or nuts?

Punsch Euro 2.90
Punsch huts in front of
Restaurant Bohème

Christmas Market Spittelberg
Engerl-Punsch Euro 2,00
Being an angel saves money!
How much did you pay?

Christmas Tree Stencil
Spittelberg Christmas Market

Altwiener Christkindlmarkt
Old Vienna Christmas Market
Christkindl is the Little Child,
Baby Jesus, who brings presents
to Austrian children.
Freyung Square

All Is Calm
You can see,
I dropped in way too early!
Palais Kinsky probably,
only steps from Freyung square!

Close-Up of a Punsch Hut
Champagne served in cut crystal flutes,
while angels sing,
at least that is what I imagine
going on there,
late at night,
when we poor heathens
burn the midnight oil,
wrapping presents in their stead!

Christmas Tree
I admit, I am at a loss here,
even though it is my favorite tree
around town, in a palace close to the
Altwiener Christkindlmarkt.
I keep forgetting to look for the
name of the Palais,
weaving in and out of these palace courtyards,
looking for gifts and hidden treasures.
I know how to find it,
in case you'd want me to take you there
! :-)

First, Though,
You'll Have to Finde Me!

December 23, 2008


  1. I apologize for not having found the time yet to answer your Christmas wishes and comment on the previous posts. I am looking forward to get in touch with all of you, one way or the other!

    May your holiday preparations go well, and you all enjoy the season!

  2. Merisi,

    Vienna at Christmastime is so splendid! Many thanks to you for letting us have this glorious peek at festive spots around the city.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas! (And greatly looking forward to seeing more of your Vienna in the New Year.)


  3. Great to see the festive atmosphere around town. I thought the first pic was wonderful, the way the star rides in the sky.

    Happy Christmas to you.

  4. Vienna is the capitale of Christmas with your pictures!!!Happy Christmas, my dear Merisi, congratulations for all these testimonies of beauty whitch keep happy the "beginners"!(is-it good english, hum!)
    kiss & hugs

  5. To My Dear Blogger Friend Merisi -

    Wishing you a Dazzling Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!

    Lori Lynn

    P.S. Love the tree!

  6. Merisi,
    I really like those hanging Santas in the bakery window. So cute. I am also struck by the fact that there are so many punsch huts throughout the city. Is this a custom that is very old, or a more modern thought? And a truly Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Happy Christmas Merisi!
    Love Lorenzo.

  8. I wish my favourite photographer a wonderful and happy Christmas.

    Lovely pics and blog, and the peekaboo Merisi is a gem !


  9. carissima,
    è un sacco di tempo che non ci sentiamo. Buon Natale di Cuore ed un Felice Anno Nuovo a Te e a tutta la tua Famiglia ... e chissà che durante il 2009 non ci si incontri da qualche parte ....

  10. Happy Holidays!

  11. I see you!!

    Merry Christmas, Merisi! Looking forward to your posts in 2009.

  12. Have a great Christmas Merisi.

  13. Merisi, your photos are precious at this time of year to reflect the coming celebration of Christmas. May you have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends for a memorable occasion.

  14. Ah, I knew I could count on you! I made gluhwein Christmas night for me and my husband, and tried to explain to him how much better it tastes when you buy it from a little street stand in Austria -- how wonderful it is to warm your hands and your spirits as you wander amongst the stalls, selling everything for Christmas. I was able to show him your beautiful photos so that he could have some little sense of what I was trying to describe.

    Happy New Year to you!


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