Friday 19 December 2008



" ... perhaps the answer is simply one:
one female angel dancing alone in her stocking feet,
a small jazz combo working in the background.

She sways like a branch in the wind, her beautiful
eyes closed, and the tall thin bassist leans over

to glance at his watch because she has been dancing
forever, and now it is very late, even for musicians
." *)

Photographed at
Palais Interiors
Palais Ferstel
Herrengasse 14

*) Quoted from
"Questions of Angels"
By Billy Collins


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this post! I want to frame all of these pictures and hang them up as Christmas decoration. Perfection. :-)

  2. What an enchanting post!

    I have often wondered if angels undertake an annual moult (molt in USA), like other feathered creatures.

  3. Beautiful, Merisi. they look good enough to eat.

  4. Thank you,
    Catharina, Wandring Star and Moannie!

    Wandring Star,
    I don't think angels molt, their feathers are meant to last for Eternity. ;-)

    I must confess that I look at these images with a feeling of wishfulness. Those angels were gone by the time I managed to walk into that store again, weeks later. I had set my mind on trying to catch them with a little bit more time on hand, but, alas, they were gone.

    Should any of you happen to pass by there, this is one of my favorite stores, the shopkeepers are of the old school, their merchandise enchanting, as is the whole setting, under those beautiful arched ceilings of the Ferstel palace. The famous Cafe Central happens to be just around the corner, under the same roof. *hint*

  5. Beautiful.

    It looks like silver is the main colour for Christmas this year. I am searching in vain for reds.....

  6. Oh, Britt-Arnhild,
    there's a lot of mercury glass, yes, but also plenty of red around here,
    hop on a train, and off we go! :-)

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a big store here in Vienna, always a good source for more modern style Christmas decorations.

  7. simply lovely! gives me an idea for my tree next year. your photos are really wonderful. I am new to your blog and all the pics make me curious what you do for a living.......should i read so old posts to find out? :) HAPPY FRIDAY FOR ME but HAPPY SATURDAY FOR YOU!!

  8. The angels are exquisite! What a lovely post! But then yours always are, thank you so much for sharing and I'm glad my post brought you some fond memories.

  9. Oh, what a relief that angels don't moult. We would have to know if they moulted ascendantly or descendently (innermost feathers outwards, or outermost feathers inwards). And they would have to be assigned a moult score as each feather was replaced in turn, through the various stages of growth.

    You could imagine a sort of celestial PhD studying the moult cycle of angels...

  10. wow--what an enchanting set of images here...they're wonderful, Merisi!

  11. Love angels! And, here, you've created a perfect post of delightful reminders for the season.

  12. I love angels and loved getting to see vienna thru your eyes.

  13. Those would look so gorgeous in a room with a fire in the fireplace, with the light reflecting off the gold.

  14. I also came back in the first place to thank you and I am glad to see that you send in a new post with those beautiful angels. Have a nice angelic weekend!!

  15. Lovely Blog, beautiful pictures !
    MAny thanks for all this !!

  16. There's just something so magical about mercury glass and angels. I keep a journal of quotes that speak to me and your post today reminded me of two of them.

    "We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."
    ~Luciano de Crescenzo

    "Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels."
    ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Evangeline"

    These are beautiful pictures today, Merisi!

  17. I absolutely love these. So ethereal. Make me think of ice palaces.

  18. What glorious gold.
    I loved the contrasts below between the gray and the bright Santas.
    We are having snow in New York.

  19. I'm in catch up mode here. You always capture such amazing perspectives, angles and colours. Beautiful.. always.

  20. Collins alongside these beautiful angels is a delightful juxtaposition.

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    In response to your question, I was actually referring to a town in Texas :)

  22. Thank you all so much,
    I truly enjoy reading your comments,
    they give me an incentive to keep ... er .... snapping away! :-)

    I shall hopefull do so for an hour or so around lunch time, even though it is gray in gray again (even our weather forcaster used that "gray in gray", there's simply no way to get around it *smile*).

    May there be joy in all your hearts,

    that is really funny, Texas! One should not make blind guesses or have assumptions. ;-)

  23. oh my gosh these images are stunning.... I love my journeys with you!!


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