Thursday 18 December 2008

Sky Watch: Gray Sky

Belvedere Gardens
and Lower Belvedere Palace,
with Vienna's city center beyond.

Lower Belvedere Palace
and Orangerie.
St. Stephen's cathedral in the background.

A Sphynx
Without a Secret?

Upper Belvedere Palace
Christmas market in front of the
South facade of the Palace

Against All That Gray:
Santa Claus times three!

Santa's Toy Train
Belvedere Christmas Market

Prince Eugene of Savoy's
Belvedere Palace

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27
Vienna, Third District


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  1. Grey sky's are good also the Christmasman, nice shots:)

    Merry CHRISTMAS!! , visit my blog:


  2. Ah, we have gray skies here in Seattle, too, but what a great background for the Santa shots!
    Really lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  3. In your sky shots, it appears that there are rings in the monotonous gray skies (so sorry). Is that my imagination? Thank you for sharing Christmas there.

  4. Grey skies are often to be seen here in the Netherlands. Your photos are great and you are right to add the colourful Santa photos to them.

  5. Hello Merisi, it seems almost all of us have gray skys ;) Well, it is December, isn't it!
    Happy swf

  6. lucky you it is already Friday! i think i want your camera - so clear.

  7. The skyline is still full of construction cranes! They were up when I was there in 2005 -- I thought all that work would be done by now.

    Great shots. The two of Santa made me laugh out loud. Danke! I needed that!

  8. Great shots, I cannot wait to visit Vienna next summer. Thanks for sharing.

    Regina In Pictures

  9. I like that first link; moody.

  10. Santa has triplet brothers? Who knew! :D

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  11. Great last shot of the Santas. Is it me, or do those Santas look a bit dazzed and confused?

  12. So clean and crisp, and the sphinx so buxom.
    Lovely pictures as always.

    Merry Christmas Merisi.

  13. Thank you all very much for your visit and kind comments!

    @ Dewdrop:
    Unfortunately these rings are real,
    and I have no idea how they happened! They are not visible in the original, they only show up in the reduced size version. This happens every now and then, even though I always use the same method. I would be immensely grateful if anybody out there could enlighten me about the reasons behind this.

  14. Celestial Charms,
    I had the same thought,
    they do look a bit dazed. Maybe too much hot mulled wine? I am a little worried about those little kids, riding with these drunkards! ;-)

  15. Steph,
    looks as if Vienna is the new Florida for construction cranes. As soon as the first leaves start falling, they wander towards Vienna city center. ;-)
    I am sure those are different cranes from the ones you saw in 2005.

  16. There is a silver lining to grey clouds: the air temperature is usually a bit warmer than when the skies are clear. Happy Sky Watch!

  17. I love the first two pictures. Thru' bloghopping I am learning Vienna is a foggy place too :)

    Happy Christmas.

  18. Great shots -- no secrets there then lol.

  19. Very good photo blog you have here!

  20. A beautiful series of photos!

  21. Ilove the series of strange and interesting statues under the grey skies.

  22. I can't see any rings on my computer.

    Is it my imagination, or are certain parts of the sphinx a little darker than others? It almost looks as if someone has been there with dirty hands.

  23. Lovely shots Merisi, as always.

    I put up my SWF at:


  24. It looks as though the Sphynx needs to make a visit to Victoria's Secret so that she can have some secrets :D!!

  25. Lovely! Even with gray skies. Come to think of it, I LIKE gray skies, too.


  26. Vienna is beautiful even with mist and grey skies. Lovely shots of the city here and the cute sanat pictures makes it seems like xmas already so have a lovely holiday season.

  27. That looks like a wonderful place. These images are great.

  28. Oh what delightful photos!!!

  29. That's a pretty candid shot of that sphinx. I find her very attractive. ;)

  30. OMG! Even Gray Vienna is beautiful! And where is Victoria when a girl needs her?
    Love it!

  31. I stayrd and stayed.
    and stayed and stayed
    to see what I could see,
    enjoying every minute
    of all there was for me.
    When I had reached the very end,
    to Skywatch I retuned
    to thank you
    my dear blogging friend
    for wonders I had learned.

  32. These pictures are beautiful! I love gray skies :)

  33. Very fine sequence, with the grey skies views and the happy images of Santa Claus. I enjoyed it!

  34. Very looks cold and Christmassy.

  35. a nice series of holiday shots.
    enjoyed your post.
    happy holidays.

  36. This is a lovely series of Christmas shots. I think the gray skies make the colors stand out more. :)

  37. Christmas really does a lot to enliven a grey cold time of year. Great shots and happy ho ho ho holiday season.

  38. Thank you all for your visits and for leaving a comment.

    I indulged myself in visiting your blogs in return, and got reachly rewarded. Thank you and a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you! :-)

  39. l really love the composition all the lines in the belvedere place gardens


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