Monday 17 November 2008

Viennese Moments

Say It Ain't So, George!
Ubiquitious Clooney,
still up
after all the leaves
have fallen.

A Red Rose
All yours.

A Rose Rose
With a touch of white,
and blue sky.

Café Konditorei Gerstner

Where life is a bowl of chocolates,
and you know what you're gonna get:
The very best!

The Rose Is A Rose,
And was always a rose.
Or so,
Said Robert Fros e t.

One Chandelier
does not make a winter.
Neither does one gray day!


The roses were plucked from
Vienna's Rose Garden in the Volksgarten,
George Clooney smiled from high above
the seduction by chocolates almost happened
at Gerstner's Kärnter Strasse shop window,
and the silver chandelier
swayed high above Graben square.
All photographed this past Sunday,
November 16, 2008


Clicking on the images
will lead you astray.
In a good way.


  1. I truly enjoy your blog and you take beautiful pictures.

  2. How wonderful to see roses and Christmas decorations on the same day :-)

  3. Thank you, Carol! :-)

    Wandring Star,
    roses may be mentioned,
    but not the C-word, pleeease. ;-)

  4. Vienne est toujours aussi belle à travers Tes photos...

  5. What an amazing collection of luscious images! That white rose is so delicate, incidentally. And that chandelier! How elegant! Thanks for taking me to this land of the sublime.

  6. I love the white rose and George Clooney..well..what can I say..

    New Rambling Woods Site

  7. Roses and George Clooney...what could be better?! ;o) Happy Day, Merisi!

  8. I love the way I was led astray (in a good way). Beautiful pictures that make me yearn to see Vienna.


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