Sunday 16 November 2008

Sunday's Rose

Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Rose Garden

November 16, 2008


  1. I wonder if the rose feels a little lonely in the park alone?
    For some reason I'm reminded of Oscar Wilde's fairy stories -at least the ones set in gardens.....

  2. Hello Merisi !

    Nice roses... I thought that it's too cool for flowers... I'm surprised...

    See You later !

  3. Elizabeth,
    if you click on the picture with the rose benches, you will see that this rose had many a playmate out there in the November sunshine! :-)

    roses are still blooming, as are geraniums in window boxes and other flowers in gardens around Vienna.

  4. Your roses are still so lovely! We awoke to snow flurries this morning! Brrr.

  5. Hello from New York,

    One of the brownstone houses on my block is owned by a couple to tend their roses, keep them safe in this big city. Today, as I walked past, those rose bushes were still providing buds. No serious frosts here yet!

    I visited Vienna only once, in 1982. It shocks me to realize how long ago that was.

    I know a few languages, but have no German, and did an experiment in Vienna. Could I just explore the beauty of the city, and its museums and cafes, without a map, and without the language.

    Answer is yes. I have lovely memories of Vienna. But ... I am still a beginner.

  6. Oh...lovely to see a rose and greenery when the day is cold and snowy...

  7. Beautiful rose and i find the row of seats quite interesting. Were they for an event?

  8. Photowannabe:
    The green seats are the so-called "Rosenbänke", "rose benches", meant to create a place to sit down and reflect, under the rose bushes in the Volksgarten's "Rose Garden"-
    Click here for more pictures!

  9. Such a heavenly sight on such a gray day.

  10. I love the photo of the chairs, especially the pattern the legs make!

  11. As soon as I saw the picture of the park I started hearing the music from Sunday in the park with George, lol...You know I love fall and the one thing I miss most about this time of year is my roses blooming...hope you have a wonderful week. I'll be back soon

  12. Those chairs and flowers are wonderful--all the repetitive shapes...where's the wedding?! Lovely day in the park.


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