Sunday 16 November 2008


Pumpkin Soup
with pumpkin seed oil and
seeded mini-baguette

Roast Goose with Seabuckthorn Berries
Red cabbage with roasted chestnuts,
mashed potatoes, lingonberry compote,
bread dumpling, and gravy

Melange with Kaiserschmarrn
Austrian Emperor Style Pancake Soufflé,
plum and elderberry compote

Served at
Stille Nacht Hof
Stille Nacht Platz 2
5112 Arnsdorf-Lamprechtshausen
15 miles north of Salzburg


  1. Hello Merisi !
    It's good pumpkin soup... with vine !

    Nice photos...

    Have a good day !

  2. Oh Merisi, I am groaning with hunger as my mouth fills with water. Just as well I have a rabbit casserole bubbling away in the stove.

    Was that meal prepared for you, or was it an assignment. If he second, I hope you were allowed to eat it.

    Excuse me while I drool.

  3. Please wait for me Merisi!!
    I'm on my way!
    That pumpkin soup looks amazingly beautiful and delicious. I'd like to jump right in. May I grab a photo of it for inspiration??

    These photos are beautiful. Like the color pallet too.


  4. What an excellent looking meal!

    Your blog is a favorite. One of the first I view everyday on the computer. Thank you for sharing.

  5. That looks so good, I have to re arrange my vacation and visit sooner. I love your Kaiserschamrrn translation...

  6. ...Do you eat out a lot...and what do fellow diners think or say when you take photos before you eat!!

  7. Sunday? An ordinary Sunday?

    That meal would be worthy of a Christmas dinner!

  8. Webradio,
    that pumpkin soup came straight from Culinary Heaven, it was as good as it looked! ;-)

    no worry, you have got my empathy (and a plate of good rabbit stew, I hope!)!

    I ate this meal, and paid for it! :-)

    Constance, you would have loved that room, so airy and bright!

  9. Maryam in Marrakesh,
    on or around the eleventh of November, St. Martin's Day in Austria is celebrated with a meal of roast goose and all the trimmings. ;-)

  10. Sarah J,
    thank you and welcome! :-)

    Better book right now! *smile*

    Glad you liked my translation of the ubiquitious Kaiserschmarrn. The usual translation, "cut-up pancake", simply does not do justice to this superb dish, if you ask me. *smile*

  11. fat, frumpy and fifty,
    depends on what "often" is! *giggle*
    I actually cook a lot of homemade meals (too many, if you ask me!).
    The thoughts of my fellow diners? You mean the ones who are sharing the table with me? It depends. You don't really want to know, do you?
    I do try to take the pictures as inconspicuously as possible, and avoid taking pictures if I feel too exposed. It's tough, though, I tell you! ;-)

  12. Charles Gramlich,
    I agree. 100%! :-)

    Wandring Star,
    I had this meal on Thursday. *grin*
    The roast goose will come around again for Christmas dinner (or was it the gander?), dressed with more chestnuts and scalloped apples.

  13. Willow,
    yes, it was. *sigh*

  14. I love the elegant looking food, but a bit sad about the goose after getting to know my neighbor's goose here in my yard..But the pumpkin soup looks so good...sigh...

    New Rambling Woods Site

  15. Oooohhhhh! That looks so wonderful - can you guess how jealous I am that Salzburg is a day trip away for you? Only a few weeks and I'll be back in the mountains - sigh . . .

  16. Thanks for swinging by Merisi! The UK drinking culture is pretty incredible, thankfully I only sample it as a visitor these days. Some Very tasty photos you have there.

  17. That pumpkin soup looks delicious!

    I have put some food photos on my blog just for you! They are not very good photos as they seem to be a bit out of focus, but I did think of you when I was taking the pictures!

  18. Perfection! Every one. I must've misplaced my invitation. ;))

  19. Wicked WICKED culinary decadence!


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