Saturday 22 November 2008

Morning in the City

Photographed Saturday Morning
The images are not
in the order of sequence
I captured them.
Further excursions may be
indulged in by clicking on the images.
There may even be breakfast served,
with a cup of coffee or tea


  1. The lady in the pink hat really stood out. Curious vitual walk around.

  2. Merisi, you have no idea how happy your photos of Vienna make me feel!
    I love all the hidden treasures. November looks like a beautiful time to visit. Actually, it always looks like a good time to visit!

  3. Dear Merisi,
    I too would have followed that stunning woman with the pink hat!! How daringly wonderful!!
    Also this last tree here with the pink flocking and red candles....different and nice
    BUT the grandest shot of all is the first. That textile steals my heart.

  4. Too bad the Lady didn't wear a pink coat. Then you could called her the walking bubble gum.

  5. Makes me very curious about the personality of the lady in the pink hat and pink shoes. I bet she'd be a hoot to talk to.

  6. Hello Merisi !

    The first and the last one are very pretty...

    Is it cold in Vienna today ???
    Here, it's wet and grey...

    See You later !

  7. There is always so much "more than meets the eye" in your posts. In addition to the opictures on show, I enjoy the sub-plots, especially the pictures of the Gloriette.

  8. Viennese ladies do seem to dress with extraordinary panache - and you have such a clever eye for finding them!
    From a dark and wet England


  9. That pink woman - lovely. I tend to dress in too much black, dark blue and gray. I really have something to learn.

  10. thats a schiaparelli pink!! shocking!!smart lady..

    youre into papping the ladies now then !! LOL...only kidding..

  11. A lady with pink accessories and the last photo of pink flowers reflected in a window. Thinking of spring perhaps?

  12. Secret Agent Merisi stalking The Lady Pink. Did she give our Merisi the slip or was she merely a decoy that our alert Merisi cleverly saw through? Stay tuned!

  13. I love that first shot with the sheers. Gorgeous.

  14. Oh! The pink and black lady! Love the accessorizing.

  15. OH GAWD!!! The lace curtain with the birdie!!!
    How do i find that in Vienna..can I?
    Instant love.


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