Sunday 23 November 2008

On A Cold Winter Morning

I wish I knew how Viennese feel about that,
but when I first arrived in Vienna,
its true topography would not reveal itself
until I started walking its streets.
Long walks, that is.
It was then that I began to realize
that Vienna is a city built on hills,
not that different from Rome,
even Washington, DC!

Shakespeare & Co Books
The place to go
for English books!

Helford Jersey at Hafnersteig
Note to myself:
Next time, check out what they are selling!

More steps,
leading from
Griechengasse and Hafnersteig
up to Fleischmarkt.

Full Service
A white-shirted hotel employee
pumping air into a lady's bicycle tyres.
Observed at Drachengasse,
in front of the Hotel Austria.
On this same spot, the history of inns or boarding houses
can be traced all the way back to the middle of the 15th Century!
No wonder, they have customer service
down to a pat!

Drachengasse towards Fleischmarkt
This part of town, the Greek Quarter, was a vibrant
commercial center in the early Middle Ages,
due to its proximity to the Danube harbour.
The Neo-Byzantyne red brick facade with the golden arches
belongs to The Greek Orthodox Church of The Holy Trinity.

The gilded statues of the Plague Column
at Graben alight in the morning sun.

Graben 13
The Knize clothing shop,
in a building by Adolf Loos.

The Chandeliers
High above Graben Street,
sparkling in the morning sun.
Click on the smaller image of the chandeliers below,
to enlarge, and appreciate their beauty.
All other pictures
will reveal various glimpses of the city,
when clicked upon

Saturday morning,
mostly with my pocket camera
because the big one's battery
went on strike,
would not work with the low temperature

Leoš Janáček Memorial Plaque
Hotel Post, Fleischmarkt
Janáček lived here at the time
of the first performance of his
opera "Jenůfa" at the Imperial Opera

I photographed this plaque,
thinking of Gavin Glumley,
a Janáček expert.
You can visit him at his blog,
"Mister Norris Changes Trains".


  1. This made me feel nostalgic for Vienna... we always stay at the Hotel Post on Fleischmarkt (where Janacek stayed) when we come.

  2. Gavin,
    I photographed the Janáček plaque, thinking of you, the Janáček expert.
    I have added it to the post.

  3. What beautiful buildings. Thank you for posting them.

  4. They pump up your bike tire..that is very, very full service...

    New Rambling Woods Site

  5. Another great post. I love your photography.

    If you ever get to Hinterstoder, post some images....

  6. Ah, I love really, really old parts of cities. Serious history. One of those things seriously lacking here in the states.

  7. The Union Jack gives a nice splash of colour on a November morning :-)


  8. I might be able to live in a city that cool. I want to visit that bookstore.

  9. I am utterly blown away by the woman with the pink high heels - what style!
    Looking chilly with you too.

  10. Totally fascinating. Love the full service air pump.
    I would love to get "lost" in those winding streets.

  11. I love this part of Vienna. And you have captured it perfectly, of course!

  12. T'was on a cold winter morning,
    I set out on Hafnersteig.
    Yet Griechengasse beckoned...
    And Drachengasse was warning...
    Bräunerstrasse kept me guessing...
    With Chandeliers most pressing...
    Ph do hang a plaque with these unpronouncible addressings.

  13. Oh and to think that last Christmas I was there, at the Christmas mass! I am so thankful!


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