Friday 21 November 2008

First Snow

The Rose Benches
This Morning

Rose Garden

Clicking on the pictures
will take you through the seasons
in the Rose Garden.


  1. Such a nice little dusting.

    Hope it does not snow too much this winter.

  2. Here, not snow, but tomorrow...

    See You later !

  3. Love the freckles of snow on the leaf.

  4. I guess the gardener are soon going to have to wrap up those roses in their winter coats!

  5. What a beautiful contrast....all that green and a light dusting too. I don't think I've ever seen that's like snow in spring! I'm amazed!!

  6. Mmmmmm the chill is setting in all over.
    Such poetic images.
    No wonder no one is sitting in the pretty chairs.

  7. Snow!?! Can it be? Have you pulled out your gloves and hats yet? :D

  8. A dusting of snow..and how do you come up with the ideas for angles and then the poetry and quotes..simply amazing...

    New Rambling Woods Site

  9. Great photos, but I hardly call that snow,LOL.

  10. Only a little snow though!
    Those lovely green chairs again.

  11. Thank you all for your visits and comments. I appreaciate each and every one, and I am looking forward to visit you in return! :-)

  12. Allie,
    it was still freezing out there, when I left home at 7.30am, the sun gets up really late now, a big scarf and gloves were really called for!

    Rambling Woods,
    I get into angles when my lens can't otherwise capture what or the way I see something. Occasionally, a poem or such come to my mind while leafing through my pictures, and then I go from there. ;-)

    and snow it is,
    even if only a little bit. ;-)

    you must imagine my disappointment, when I got out of the metro station near the rose garden, and there was no snow to be seen! I had left home early in order to capture the snow before it melted. The snow had fallen only on my little hill (out in Schönbrunn), not in the First District where it was all dry, but for a little dusting. I was more than happy, though, to get to what little snow there was before the sun's rays had melted it!

  13. Lovely photos as always. Your dusting is refreshing. We got hit with 10 cm last week. And it's pretty cold. Two weeks ago we were walking around in t-shirts.


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