Tuesday 11 November 2008

Morning in the City

Urania Sternwarte
Urania Observatory
View from the Second District
Uraniastrasse 1

on the left bank of the Donaukanal
(a Danube waterway)

on a modern glass building,
at Untere Donaulände and Aspernbrückengasse,
across the river from the Urania.
Leopoldstadt (2nd District)

Still Undecided
What to Wear?

Main Entrance
The Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs
Minoritenplatz 8

Early Bird
Reading the Morning Paper

This is your view
when you are standing
with your back to Minoritenplatz 8:
The Austrian Federal Chancellery,
with the main entrance at Ballhausplatz, and
the Minoritenkirche (Minorite's Church)




  1. Hello Merisi !

    Your photos of Wien are always beautiful...

    Have a nice day !

  2. Merisi!

    Thank you..your images always brighten my day and lift my mood, so welcome!

  3. So clear, so lovely and pristine. Thank you Merisi, your pictures are as refreshing as a sumer shower.

    Is it very 'elderly' of me to detest graffiti? Somewhere so beautiful should never be so defaced.

  4. Click I did, and glad I was! What lovely links, and a funny one, too.

  5. Yes, the woman below looks very glum when surrounded by goodies!
    What would please her?
    Maybe she needs some exercise and can walk round Vienna with you!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some wonderful photos here!


  7. Almost funny to see the graffiti and recognize the bubble style as the same as I've seen here.

  8. Good morning Merisi.
    A lovely day for remembering.

  9. Oh! I got to see the city the same day you did!

    Graffitti there too I see.

  10. My favorite is your close up of the early bird. Nice.

  11. Do you go out walking with your camera everyday? Oh, I wish lived there, too.....I'd join you on your many walks.....you see the most wonderful things!!! When I finally make it back to Vienna one day, the coffee and dessert are on me!! :D

  12. Thank you all for your kind words!
    I read all your comments,
    I pause, I smile, some get me into thinking, and other make me wonder what the dickens you are thinking I am doing! ;-)

    To Charles Gramlich I would like to say, yes, isn't it amazing, graffiti have a truly global style. Sue (Photowannabe), some of these graffiti are really defacing the properties they have been sprayed on, but I must confess that at times they amuse me, I would even miss them if they would be eliminated entirely. Here in Vienna, some of these undercover artists have great talent, I am collecting "favorites", especially smaller works.

    I wished I were out there every day, all day! :-))) I do take every opportunity to nail a photograph, at the price of alienating my family (my kids are saying things like "you are not supposed to touch the food, unless mom's given the go-ahead", and my friends know why I am late again, even though I had only a few blocks to walk to meet them (we all know that certain opportunities strike only once in a photographer's lifetime, don't we? *grin*).

    I love nothing more than walking alone, and keeping an open eye and mind, photo safaris in the urban jungle, so to speak. I have made incredible discoveries that way, even though they not always ended in great pictures.

    My regards to you and everybody reading this,
    with a wink and a goodnight,

  13. There's just so much beauty around you and you capture it all with unique angles and style. Just lovely.

  14. You have the best eye for great images. This last one of the rosehips is so beautiful, too--and such good use of complementary colors, you know! I always enjoy your posts and photos.

  15. You have such a great sense of humor..Love it..


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