Monday 10 November 2008

Is It Still Monday?

Why Is She Not Smiling?
She's in a candy store, for goodness' sake!

After Reading This
I didn't smile anymore either!
And you?

So, Knowing the Deal,
I decided to ... guess what?

To Eat A Whole Box
of Marrons glacés!
I am lying fantasizing.

Yes, go ahead!

May your Tuesday be bright!


  1. Good idea Merisi the marrons glacés and bright Tuesday to you, too!
    The malcontenta lady reminds me an Otto Dix 's picture.

  2. Thanks for the smile today. I needed it. Hubby is sick and I don't feel so hot myself.
    Perhaps a box of chocolates will soothe the situation...

  3. Great photos!
    And the candy store pics make me want to go out and buy loads of sweets and stuff myself silly!
    Shame about the lady in the store with the miserable face... maybe she's not happy in her work - I guess it could be difficult with all that temptation around her!

  4. Bonsoir Merisi !
    Tu as de jolies photos, et Ton post donne envie de bonbons, et de chataîgnes (marrons).
    Sourire à Toi, et Bonne Soirée...

  5. OK........nobody found the text underneath the photo of Michelangelo's David humorous? You brightened my dreary Monday, Merisi!!

  6. Odd to see an unhappy candy shopper. Maybe her face brightened after she ate a few! ;^)

  7. Bridget,
    She was concentrating on counting the jelly beans (or is that too wild a guess?). ;-)

    I hope your husband gets well soon!
    Enjoy your chocolates.

    the Brit,
    she was really sweet,
    I caught her in a bad moment,
    I did not identify the store to protect her ID.

    merci! Do you have any candy store in your neighborhood?

    I selected the picture with the utmost care. ;-)

  8. Willow,
    she was selling the candy! ;-)

  9. Maybe she had so much candy that she is coming down now!

  10. i want an entire box of of Marrons glacés...

  11. LOL--I'll go to Italy any day!! Charming!

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    @ A Brush With Color:
    We are all going to Italy, aren't we?

  13. No I think it is Tuesday and Monday was blue and glad I got to see the Left Bank.


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