Tuesday 11 November 2008

November Morning in the Stadtpark

Men at Work
Raking the leaves
after the night's rainstorm.

Early Bird
A painter's exhibition,
up in front of the Johann Strauss memorial,
long before the tourists
leave the breakfast table.

Reading and Text Messaging
Old-fashioned newspaper
and modern technology

A Duck's Life
Mallard, cruising in the pond,
with no wolf in sight.

Pavillino Customers Only!
Oh well, that does not refer to
picture taking, does it?

Sunny Side Up
Morning gymnastic in
last night's rain puddle.

Basking in the Sun
Some leaves have
all the luck!

in the City Park
November 3, 2008

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will take you on
more Stadtpark strolls.
Enjoy! :-)


  1. What uplifting, beautiful shots! I like those big green shrubs that are sculpted in one photo. These cheerful yellow leaves are a delight.

  2. Nice to see that drake mallard in his pristine winter plumage after emerging from the moult.

  3. Beautiful photos, all time !

    Nice walk, today...

  4. Hi, Merisi! Thank you so much for visiting me! It's been a while... ;o) I lost track of you a little bit ago when changing from Bloglines to Google Reader :o( So glad to find you again! And I LOVE the look of fall in Vienna...Happy Day to you! :o)

  5. Morning gymnastics in a puddle - I love your imagination! Your pictures are not helping with need to experience autumn - 70 plus degrees is not the same.

  6. You should set up an art site of your own...a coffee table book filled with all this beauty...I can picture myself so clearly in some of those photos...kicking leaves, having tea...loved it!

  7. The colours in the first shot are amazing. I'd like to walk right into it.

  8. Wonderful colours Merisi! I was also raking leaves yesterday!
    love Lorenzo.

  9. Looks like a beautiful, crisp morning...and yes, those were homemade marshmallows ;)

  10. You made wet leaves look beautiful. I won't look at them the same again..

  11. your pics are urging me to get up and go for a walk right away

  12. The palette of autumn is beautiful in Wien.

  13. Your photos always want to make me get up, get moving, go for a walk, go see things...

  14. How many times have you heard this sort of comment, Merisi? --> YOU LIVE IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE EVER!
    But it's true.

  15. Ummm...basking in the Autumn sun sounds delightful. I think I need to do that today myself. I love your first picture with the workers silhouetted. Good honest work in a glorious setting.

  16. Wow what gorgeous autumnal shots. Love the golden yellows of those leaves and the crisp light. Beautiful.


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