Saturday 1 November 2008

Morning in the City

Rooftop Landscape
In der Burg
Imperial Palace Courtyard

Fiaker Horses
Biding time.

The First Coffee
Early morning and cool temperatures
won't keep anyone from enjoying
that first cup outdoors.
Meinl Café
Am Graben

Mozart, Fiaker and Ponytail
Mozart woke at the break of dawn,
and put on his gilded finery.
He then coiffed his hair into his famous Mozartzopf,
while the coachman, although in stylish apparel,
went for a more casual ponytail.

A White Rose
Lit by the early morning's light,
in the city's Rose Garden.

Struggling against the morning wind
Empress Elizabeth (Sissi)
Gardens of Rememberance


October 30, 2008

Enjoy a musical tour of Vienna
by clicking on the images!


  1. Good morning, Merisi!
    I'm up WAY too early for a Saturday morning, but clicked on the first photo and was delighted to hear your first music choice. The Straus waltz from the Neujahrkonzert 2008 in Vienna is beautiful. When we were in Vienna, our guide told us that the New Year's Day concert was a really big thing for the city. What a glorious way to ring in the New Year! Happy Saturday.....

  2. You take the BEST photos. I always feel like I've been to the place after visiting your blog. That last piece about Mozart's Vienna was interesting, n'est ce pas??! Hilarious.

  3. What an exquisite day! I am stopping back later to listen to the musical selections. If only I could have my morning coffee in Vienna....

  4. Allie,
    this waltz ("Dorfschwalben aus Österreich" - "Village Swallows from Austria") always paints in my mind a picture of swallows flying and assembling over village roofs.
    Yes, the New Years Concert is a big ado here. Everybody seems to be listening to it, either on the radio or watching it on TV. I watched it every year on PBS, remember Walter Cronkite hosting it?
    I found it quite interesting that some people found the choice of Georges Pretre as this year's conductor "odd". He has a master, with a long history with the Vienna Philharmonics, and he certainly is not a Placido Domingo who in my opinion is not up to directing such a distinguish body of musicians (I saw him direct the "Concert for Europe" in June 2006, it was rather amusing watching him being pulled along).

  5. Allie,
    I was certainly not up to sending this comment up without preview. I apologize for that (I somehow lost the "delete" function in my own comment box, too bad!).

  6. a brush with color,
    thank you!
    Oh yes, Mozart's correspondance is always amusing. The little story about "Down, boy!" was new to me. *chuckle* He had a great sense of humor, to say the least. ;-)

  7. a thousand clapping hands,
    you know, the funny thing is, it's not the coffee itself, it is the having it, there. At least for me. ;-)

  8. I love the woodwind opening to the waltz, the clarinets and bassoons.

    A lovely example of altocumulus in that picture.

    Well Mozart, well I never! I trust the 'little slap' wasn't too painful! LOL!

    I like the way you have caught the fallen leaves floating in the fountain pond.

  9. Very nice "balade" ! Beautiful shots, always...

  10. How beautiful, how beautiful especially with such a clever photographer. I keep repeating myself but what else can I say!

    The Tuscany eyes are unusual and make great pics.

  11. The light in the last shot is amazing, Merisi.

  12. Hello there, I browse your blog often and love it very much. I was in Vienna few years ago on Christmas; hope to be again near, or this one.
    You catch "the moment" on every single photo you make. Bravo.

  13. I love the rooftop with the copper. And very much enjoyed the music!

  14. I am still humming from your last post..I want to come and have coffee under that blue sky....

  15. I loved the photographs, so elegant, but I had not realised there was music too. I shall go back and look at them again, this time to music.

  16. What a wonderful way to start a Monday morning!
    I enjoyed each and every one of those pieces of music.
    I especially liked Valse de Vienne.

    And....that last photo is especially beautiful.

  17. Wandring Star:
    Thank you. The "Village Swallows" waltz is one of my favorites waltzes.

    merci beaucoup! :-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    I agree,
    I only wished I had more time to discover it's many nooks and grannies! ;-)

    thank you, I truly appreciate your visits and comments!

  18. David MacMahon,
    thank you, David. It was a magic moment, with the sun just in the right angle. And I shot it with the little Lumix! ;-)

  19. Ana,
    thank you very much,
    I hope you can come back soon,
    for more of these Viennese moments! :-)

  20. Lori Lynn,
    the roofs here are always worthwhile to look up to, veritable landscapes up there (and their pull causes me to arrive late at appointments, at times).

    Rambling Woods,
    I always say it's not the quality of the coffee, it's the atmosphere surrounding you, that makes you a coffeeholic here (that from a tea trinker! *g*).

    yes, I try to include links to various "surprises", in this post it's Viennese music. ;-)

  21. Freefalling,
    thank you,
    the light's exquisite now, everything taking on a golden hue, especially in the mornings and evenings. All I'd need is an excuse to be out there more. ;-)


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